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Mike Pence predicts an end to legal abortions

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    Schmidt, don't worry you've got more religions on this planet than bald eagles. All these religions never helped humanity and only caused a lot of killings for nothing and famine as well displacement of people. Sorry religion is the curse of humanity ; the good it can do is nullified by all the bad things which come forth from it. It should be: Live and let live for both humans and animals, as well care for this planet and its nature and environment. Use technology for to prove of things, not Bibles or Korans. Amen
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    Abortion rates in Colorado have gone down dramatically due to free or low cost IUDs and easy access to birth control.

    Nationwide, the number and rate of abortions have declined to the lowest levels since abortion became legal in 1973, according to the latest report from the Guttmacher Institute, which tracks abortion across the country. In Colorado, there were 12,390 abortions in 2017, the most recent year included in the report released this fall. That compares with 14,710 abortions in 2011.

    The birth rate for girls ages 15 to 19 in Colorado dropped by more than half in an eight-year period, falling 59% from 2009 to 2017. The abortion rate among Colorado teens fell by 60% during those eight years.

    Nationwide, 89% of counties had no clinics that provided abortions. In Colorado, 50 out of 64 counties do not have a facility that provides abortions, according to the institute.

    Why do conservatives think that closing clinics will cause a decline in abortions?

    The exact opposite is true, since counties with restrictive laws actually had an INCREASE in abortions.

    More women had later, riskier abortions after tighter state restrictions led to the shuttering of more than half of Texas’ abortion clinics, new state data shows.

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    Arizona -- In addition to low cost IUDs, part of the "easy access to birth control" includes access to condoms. In Colorado, people of any age can buy condoms from a drugstore, pharmacy, grocery store or even online. You can also get condoms for free or at a reduced cost from health clinics (like Planned Parenthood), HIV testing centers and local health departments.

    The pharmacy section of major grocery stores have them readily available. No questions asked.

    Sex education was taught in some high schools before May 2019, but parents could have their child opt out. Legislation was passed in May 2019 to make sex education more available and comprehensive. This was only possible because Democrats control all three branches of state government, and Governor Polis pushed this through.

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    39 Senate Republicans just signed onto an official brief urging the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

    On top of that, the Republicans have taken the following additional steps:

    Banning abortion, even in cases of rape or incest

    Permitting state officers to investigate women's miscarriages

    Allowing doctors to face significant jail time (up to 99 years!) for administering an abortion

    Denying federal money (Title X) to health clinics if they inform patients about their full range of reproductive care options, including where to access safe, legal abortion

    Rewriting sex education school materials to mislead children about abortion

    Requiring insurers to send patients two separate bills when they obtain an abortion, which could impact 1.3 million people, causing many to lose coverage

    Blocking an Affordable Care Act mandate which guarantees no-copay birth control

    What is WRONG with these people!?

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    What is wrong with these people? I give you an answer; they go bravely to church and love religious wars. Also they still live in 1500 when they burned witches at the stake; sorry this country will become an "sick puppy" without cure.

    No "god's " will help these people; they are beyond help. I feel sorry for this country. Maybe an trip to Guyana will cure them.