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Mike Pence predicts an end to legal abortions

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    Schmidt, don't worry you've got more religions on this planet than bald eagles. All these religions never helped humanity and only caused a lot of killings for nothing and famine as well displacement of people. Sorry religion is the curse of humanity ; the good it can do is nullified by all the bad things which come forth from it. It should be: Live and let live for both humans and animals, as well care for this planet and its nature and environment. Use technology for to prove of things, not Bibles or Korans. Amen
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    Abortion rates in Colorado have gone down dramatically due to free or low cost IUDs and easy access to birth control.

    Nationwide, the number and rate of abortions have declined to the lowest levels since abortion became legal in 1973, according to the latest report from the Guttmacher Institute, which tracks abortion across the country. In Colorado, there were 12,390 abortions in 2017, the most recent year included in the report released this fall. That compares with 14,710 abortions in 2011.

    The birth rate for girls ages 15 to 19 in Colorado dropped by more than half in an eight-year period, falling 59% from 2009 to 2017. The abortion rate among Colorado teens fell by 60% during those eight years.

    Nationwide, 89% of counties had no clinics that provided abortions. In Colorado, 50 out of 64 counties do not have a facility that provides abortions, according to the institute.

    Why do conservatives think that closing clinics will cause a decline in abortions?

    The exact opposite is true, since counties with restrictive laws actually had an INCREASE in abortions.

    More women had later, riskier abortions after tighter state restrictions led to the shuttering of more than half of Texas’ abortion clinics, new state data shows.

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    Arizona -- In addition to low cost IUDs, part of the "easy access to birth control" includes access to condoms. In Colorado, people of any age can buy condoms from a drugstore, pharmacy, grocery store or even online. You can also get condoms for free or at a reduced cost from health clinics (like Planned Parenthood), HIV testing centers and local health departments.

    The pharmacy section of major grocery stores have them readily available. No questions asked.

    Sex education was taught in some high schools before May 2019, but parents could have their child opt out. Legislation was passed in May 2019 to make sex education more available and comprehensive. This was only possible because Democrats control all three branches of state government, and Governor Polis pushed this through.

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    39 Senate Republicans just signed onto an official brief urging the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

    On top of that, the Republicans have taken the following additional steps:

    Banning abortion, even in cases of rape or incest

    Permitting state officers to investigate women's miscarriages

    Allowing doctors to face significant jail time (up to 99 years!) for administering an abortion

    Denying federal money (Title X) to health clinics if they inform patients about their full range of reproductive care options, including where to access safe, legal abortion

    Rewriting sex education school materials to mislead children about abortion

    Requiring insurers to send patients two separate bills when they obtain an abortion, which could impact 1.3 million people, causing many to lose coverage

    Blocking an Affordable Care Act mandate which guarantees no-copay birth control

    What is WRONG with these people!?

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    What is wrong with these people? I give you an answer; they go bravely to church and love religious wars. Also they still live in 1500 when they burned witches at the stake; sorry this country will become an "sick puppy" without cure.

    No "god's " will help these people; they are beyond help. I feel sorry for this country. Maybe an trip to Guyana will cure them.

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    Pence may finally get his wish.

    Now that Trump has nominated a staunch "pro-life" conservative to the Supreme Court, it's possible that Roe v. Wade could get reversed.

    Daily Kos theorized that new state laws could be passed that would allow abortion even it was illegal under Federal laws.

    " Thomas, if Donald Trump gets his way and rams an arch-conservative Federalist Society minion on to the Supreme Court, we all know that Roe v. Wade will immediately be in the crosshairs. But if these Republicans in robes do eviscerate the reproductive rights that have been enshrined into American law for nearly half a century, it’s what happens the very next day that’s truly scary.

    Ten different states, it turns out, have so-called “trigger laws” on the books: statutes that say that if Roe is overturned, abortion will instantly become illegal. Nine states, meanwhile, still have outright bans on abortion that predate Roe, and two of those also have trigger laws, just for good measure.

    That’s 17 states, home to more than 70 million people—20% of the country—where, overnight, safe and legal access to abortion would disappear. That’s not even counting states without these sorts of laws where Republicans will be motivated to enact new restraints the second they can.

    Unsurprisingly, most of these states are dark red and firmly under GOP control—but not all of them. Arizona and Michigan both have old bans that would spring back into effect if Roe is demolished, and you can bet that Republicans in states like Texas, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania would eagerly follow suit. These states are all up for grabs in 2020, including their Republican-run state legislatures.

    That’s why Daily Kos has endorsed slates of stalwart progressives running to flip Republican-held seats in all of these states. If Democrats can break the GOP’s holds on state government, they can prevent Republicans from passing new abortion restrictions. And if they can win control, they can go a step further by repealing bans like Michigan’s and Arizona’s—and passing laws that guarantee the right to an abortion regardless of what the Supreme Court might do."

    As hopeful as that sounds, though, it does not fly in the fact of the "ask your mother" law:

    " Well, this my friends is how I see it... it’s the “go ask your mother” law. Regress back into your childhood and think of your father as the state law and your mother as the federal law. You want to go to a party and stay out a little later past your curfew. Your father (state) says yes but your mother (federal) says no. Who ultimately has the final say?

    “Go ask your mother.”

    Abortion has been widely used in America since its earliest days. In the 1950s, estimates of numbers of illegal, unsafe abortions ranged widely, from 200,000 to 1.2 million per year. The methods used were often ineffective and dangerous. Desperate women were driven into the back alley, where they endured danger and abuse, sometimes sexual.

    Trump's Supreme Court could literally reverse 50 YEARS of progress in America.

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    An totally self inflicted wound due to the horrible system here.

    1) Religion does not belong in "governing" of any country; an artificially created "god" never is involved in governing anyway. Especially in an country with 100's of different religions.

    2) An Supreme court never should be elected for "'life" because things do change over time as well "judges" change over time (as well people like Lindsey Graham etc.)

    3) An Supreme Court should always be in "balance" as the forefathers intended; regardless what President is in power.

    4) If not in "balance" then the "dumb religious asses" reign and not who's got the majority of the people in the country who wants normal justice and laws.

    5) So it is the highest time someone does something to get this country back to any normal common sense things.

    6) Democrats should just don't vote at all for this religious catholic bitch; boycot the whole thing. The Republicans did, why not them?

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    This Catholic stupid woman has on her 48th already 7 kids. The church made sure of that. The Catholic church is the most murderous outdated church there is and is still acting as it started 2000 years ago and never learned anything since.; the more kids the better, because that will expand the "brain dead" followers and will fill their coffers. Selling "snake oil" and profit from it has always been their slogan. As well power over the people. It certainly does not belong in "governing". As soon as "religion" and not "common sense" is used things will go wrong; history proves such over and over again. Ask Joanne of Arc and the Templars. Pope'are just flesh and bone "people" who also die and turn to dust and have no church invented "soul" and have never seen or met an "god" thing or talk to "it"; may be it is instead an little green monster with one eye and dog ears who spits flames on Mars. People are very strange little ants on an tiny planet in between millions of stars, but they know it all, in this huge universe and "battle" in between themselves forever. The word "dictator" was invented here, not on Mars.
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    Most of the time, the opinions expressed on are tend to be on the wacky side.

    This morning, though, a female attorney posted a letter assuring us the Roe v Wade may actually be safer than we think.

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    Argentina, the predominantly Roman Catholic home of Pope Francis, could become the largest country in Latin American to legalize elective abortion. The procedure is permissible only in cases of rape or incest or to save the life of the mother — and even then, women sometimes have difficulty finding doctors who will perform it.

    Legislation introduced by President Alberto Fernández, which would legalize abortion during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, is reopening a bitter debate that split the country two years ago. It’s expected to pass Argentina’s House of Deputies this week; it faces a tougher vote in the Senate, which could take it up this month.

    Fernández, who campaigned last year on promises to make abortion “legal, safe and free,” has described it as a matter of public health and of choice.

    “The debate is not saying yes or no to abortion,” he said last month. “The dilemma that we must overcome is whether abortions are performed clandestinely or in the Argentine health system.”

    Activists raised alarms last year when a pregnant 11-year-old underwent a Caesarean section after doctors refused to grant her an abortion. The girl said she had been raped by her grandmother’s 65-year-old partner.

    Health workers and activists warn that the country’s ban forces women to turn to clandestine abortions that put their lives at risk. Health Minister Ginés González García said last month that more than 3,000 women have died in Argentina because of such procedures since the early 1980s.

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    I predict an end to Mike Pence. A political end at any rate.
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    lonely bird Wrote: I predict an end to Mike Pence. A political end at any rate.
    Lonely, I was going to type exactly what you said. I agree. The fool will be gone forever. In 2024 if Trump is still alive he will run again and instead of Trump / Pence it will be Trump / Trump. Ivanka and the Devil.
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    I only hope that by that time America has come to their senses; but I doubt it. Pence is an total imbecile. He's an typical religious idiot who hides under the dress of the priests for everything. Absolutely does not want to know "facts" of life.

    The problem is now Biden himself; since he's an devout Catholic; he will be in an difficult position if the "church" pushes their will upon the court with assistance of the "bitch" just appointed.

    Things will always go wrong if you inject religion into governing. Amen

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    As expected, Argentina senate just passed a law legalizing abortion.

    Argentina’s president, Alberto Fernández, has promised to sign the bill into law, making it legal for women to end pregnancies for any reason up to 14 weeks. After that, there will be exceptions allowed for rape and the woman’s health.

    Uruguay, Cuba and Guyana are the only other countries in Latin America to allow abortion on request. Argentina, like a number of other countries in the region, had previously permitted abortion in cases of rape or if the pregnancy posed a risk to a woman’s health; other Latin American countries have stricter limits or total prohibitions.

    Supporters of the abortion measure, including Senator Norma Durango, said legalizing abortion would simply bring the practice out of the shadows. Researchers say hundreds of thousands of underground abortions are performed in Argentina every year.

    Around 40,000 women were hospitalized for complications related to abortions in 2016, according to the latest available data from the Health Ministry, while at least 65 women died between 2016 and 2018 from complications, according to a report by Argentina’s Access to Safe Abortion Network.

    “I sit here today representing all the women who have died having clandestine abortions,” said Ms. Durango, who was the first lawmaker to speak during the debate that began Tuesday. “Abortion is a reality, and it has been taking place since time immemorial.”

    Mr. Fernández and his vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, came to see abortion as one of the few items on their agenda they could advance amid a torrent of challenges. Ms. Kirchner, who led Argentina as president from 2007 to 2015, opposed legalizing abortion during most of her political career.

    Her position shifted in the lead-up to the vote in 2018, when tens of thousands of women demonstrated across Argentina in support of making access to abortion on request legal. Ms. Kirchner, who was then a senator, has said her daughter played a key role in changing her mind.

    “Through our years of activism, we’ve managed to get people to change their positions,” said Celeste Mac Dougall, an abortion rights advocate. “Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is the most obvious example that opinions can change.”

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    This only shows how backwards the US has become. Let's do some "real "governing for a change instead of "hanging" onto "religion". After more than 2000 years we should know by now that "god's" don't determine life on earth, but that stupid people themselves make an mess of it on this tiny planet. Anyone can "write" a book; neither did Jesus ever write anything. Others did and pronounced an sheep herder to that position, just as we did with Trump. So put both your feet on solid ground and use our brains for a change, in that human life is an "come and go" situation.

    Even alligators get "babies" do we have to control that as well? Only if an other alligator wrote a book?

    Humans are laughable especially here.