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Gun control and school shootings.

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    Looking at this "horror show" then it should be very clear that this country has an "chaos" culture with totally "wrong" laws" because no one has their act together. The police itself needs revamping, because they are to scared themselves to face an "shooter". On top of that the total incompetence of the "leaders" who only think about their own hide and "back pocket" money which they get from the gun industry. On top of all the lies, TX even made the bad "gun" laws even worse by allowing openly carrying guns. An Abbott and his cohorts fit right into an old cowboy movie; no brains, just shoot everything what moves is their slogan. Texas belongs in an other past world, it is still "Cowboys and Indians (read Mexicans)
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    Canada just showed how to reduce gun violence.

    Canada moved to make the sale of handguns illegal under a sweeping new bill introduced in Ottawa Monday in the wake of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting.

    Flanked by government officials and advocates, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a “national freeze” on firearms in the country as he referenced increasing homicides in Canada and alluded to recent mass shootings south of the border.

    “It will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in Canada. In other words, we’re capping the market for handguns,” Trudeau said.

    “People should be free to go to the supermarket, their school or their place of worship without fear.”

    The legislation is all but assured to be approved by Canada’s Parliament, and is expected to be enacted this fall. The country has already unveiled plans to ban 1,500 types of military-style firearms and implement a mandatory buyback program of high-capacity weapons.

    The problem, of course, is that a similar bill would never pass here, but there WAS a time it would have.

    In 1933, FDR proclaimed a bank holiday on March 6, 1933. The creation of the FDIC restored people's confidence in the banking system, and people put money back into banks when they reopened on March 13.

    What would happen after the mid-terms that Biden announced a weapons holiday that would stop all gun sales until Congress passed proper gun control measures.

    In 1950, Harry Truman declared a national emergency, and ordered the Army to seize the railroads.

    In a public statement that day, Truman insisted that “governmental seizure [of the railroads] is imperative” for the protection of American citizens as well as “essential to the national defense and security of the Nation.” He used the same justification for seizing control of steel plants when the United Steel Workers union struck later in the year.

    The ongoing carnage in our country threatens the security of our nation, ​so a national temporary national freeze on gun sales makes perfect sense, but it definitely would "stir the pot".

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    The parents of a 10-year-old victim in the mass shooting in Uvalde, Tex., and a staff member at Robb Elementary School are taking their first steps toward legal action against the maker of the semiautomatic rifle used by the gunman in a massacre that killed 21 people, including 19 children.

    Gunmaker Daniel Defense has come under scrutiny in the days since Salvador Ramos, 18, used a DDM4 rifle to unload hundreds of rounds of ammunition in the worst shooting at an American school in nearly a decade. The company has only released a statement expressing “our thoughts and our prayers” for the victims.

    A lawsuit has not been filed, but the letter is among the first signals that litigation could be coming related to the Uvalde shooting. One of Garza’s attorneys is Josh Koskoff, who represented the nine Sandy Hook families who won a landmark $73 million settlement against Remington Arms, the now-bankrupt maker of the Bushmaster AR-15-style rifle used in the 2012 school massacre in Newtown, Conn., that killed 26 people — 20 of them children.

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    Sorry Arizona, forget that this country ever will have decent gun laws. The weird thing here is that the brainless idiot lawyers here love to stick to an outdated piece of "parchment" of 1800. Somehow our "paper" system has become way to complicated to be able to change things by having to research each case with an comparable case of the "past". In Canada they have the same "parliamentary" system as they do have in Europe, so you can "amend" things the fast way . Here things were made "super" complicated to make sure the "lawyers" can become very "wealthy" via huge stacks of paper to be able to trace things all the way back to the "17 hundreds". This must be the most ridiculous country in the world related to "governing".

    If you look at the "trail" of the disasters since someone designed the "base law" here in 1770, then it is time someone wakes up and changes the system; but yeah the "lawyers" and "corrupt Senators" here love it because you can "interpreted" all as you like. So that is why we have all the killing here; Canada and others have no problems (or complexity) to change their laws and have therefore lots less "killings"

    So I guess only an"revolution" can change this country and make its laws and its system comparable to other "normal" countries, who have proper up to date laws and can amend their base laws on an daily basis. Sorry this country is nuts, it shows this on an daily basis. Yes you can observe the stupidity here; here is an "coupon" to buy your AR 15.

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    Again there are plenty of demonstrations today about "gun control"; however an wasted effort, since the GOP won't budge at all to "ban" these types of weapons. No one of the "speakers" at this event dares to tell the crowds what these "guns" do to an human body; ask the parents of the kids who did not even recognize their own kid who was shot by this weapon.

    Either they are afraid or stupid or did refuse to do any "research about this "combat" weapon. The "education" in this country is half baked for sure. I'm of the opinion that these "meat grinder weapons" don't belong on our streets. Amen

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    The Uvalde report is again shoved forward because no one will take the blame. Neither will the government do anything "useful" related to "gun" laws; they will tinker with and do things which have no effect on any of the killings here. Only very small bandaids. Improved "background checks won't help either, because someone can go nuts or upset in 5 minutes.

    These "meat grinders" don't belong on our streets or in the hands of civilians. Amen.

    This gutless country should be ashamed and take "REAL" action for a change; who is the "boss" here; the "guns" or "people"?

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    Robb Elementary School, the Uvalde, Texas school where 19 children and two teachers were killed May 24 in a deadly massacre, will be demolished, according to the city's mayor.

    Mayor Don McLaughlin, at a Uvalde City Council meeting Tuesday, said officials planned to raze the building. “My understanding – and I had this discussion with the superintendent – that school will be demolished,” McLaughlin said, multiple news outlets reported.

    McLaughlin did not offer a timeline for its destruction, Reuters reported. “You can never ask a child to go back or a teacher to go back in that school ever,” he said.

    District Superintendent Hal Harrell said earlier this month that the 550 students who attended Robb Elementary would be relocated this fall to two other elementary schools in Uvalde, according to the The Texas Tribune.

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    Guess who will be paying for this fun? The damage and aftermath is here to stay and there are only more guns sold than ever after this event. If the "laws" here stay just about the same and only "bandaids" are used as proposed, then even at the "new" school kids may be killed as well on our streets. Do as other "civilized" countries do, "ban" these weapons outright. Then you don't have to built an "new" school with "armored" classrooms. Where are the "brains" here?

    The Proposals done by the Dems and only a few GOP members, shows clearly that this country is brain dead.

    If these guns are not "banned all together" then still a kid of 18 can shoot anything he likes, if these weapons are still laying around everywhere. Stupidity reigns here.

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    Biden signed today an "worthless piece of paper" about "gun" safety. He must be "brain dead". There will be still more guns around than people. The "mental health" here is only getting worse instead of better. Still "kids" of 18 can buy anything they like with hoards of ammunition. Of course they will at the time of "buying" be "clean" and have no mental health problems, until something happens by "accident" or indeed due to "tension" or an "situation".

    The ONLY solution is to get these "meat grinders" ( AR15 or AK 47 etc.) of our streets; they should not be in the hands of anyone.

    But yeah this awful stupid country with its "stupid ignorant" laws which gives this "tool" free roam then the killing for nothing will continue as before. Any "kid" can get hold of it ; nothing changes, because millions of these "guns" are around in civilian hands. Only "banning" these will help not "bandaids". Look at other countries please with "normal" laws.