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Your thoughts on CPAC?

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    What do we take away from CPAC? The Republican Party lacks for a moral, ethical center. By embracing a completely amoral person as their party’s leader they have forsaken any claims to morality. Anti-choice in combination with groveling in the filth for lucre is not morality. Nativist pseudo-patriotism is not morality.

    This being said please let me be clear: the system of electing a president is still as it was in 2016. Mueller cannot be counted on to deliver some hoped for death blow to both Trump and the Republican Party. Not because he is incompetent but because such a result may not exist. Therefore it is critical that the Democratic Party have strategy and tactics for all 50 states. Imo, the Republican Party is at its most dangerous right now.

    In the past the Democratic Party has not missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity and has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Weaponized social media must be taken into consideration as well. The Democratic Party can be very successful in 2020 if they are sufficiently prepared.

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    Lonely, the major problem is still to come; it totally depends of all the candidates who rises to the top. If it is Bernie, then we certainly have a problem, if one of the women then again an problem with the "backward" States who still think it should be an "religious" men's job. On top of that we have a "spoiler" independent running just like last time to take votes away.

    Thus a lot can still happen, but I still think the "Dem's are way too much divided amongst themselves.

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    I read "the dangerous case of Donald Trump" a few months ago, and found it fascinating. In my opinion, there is little doubt that Trump is completely crazy.

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    Schmidt Wrote:

    Lawrence O'Donnell last night discussed the book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President

    Schmidt, Here is one excepert that I like.

    Page 14:

    An important and relevant question that the public has been asking is this: Is the man simply crazy, or is he crazy like a fox? Is he mentally compromised or simply vile? When he lies, does he know he is lying, or does he believe his own lies? When he makes wild accusations, is he truly paranoid, or is he consciously and cunningly trying to deflect attention from his misdeeds?

    We believe that we can help answer these questions by emphasizing that the two propositions are not mutually exclusive. A man can be both evil and mentally compromised—which is a more frightening proposition. Power not only corrupts but also magnifies existing psychopathologies, even as it creates new ones. Fostered by the flattery of underlings and the chants of crowds, a political leader’s grandiosity may morph into grotesque delusions of grandeur. Sociopathic traits may be amplified as the leader discovers that he can violate the norms of civil society and even commit crimes with impunity. And the leader who rules through fear, lies, and betrayal may become increasingly isolated and paranoid, as the loyalty of even his closest confidants must forever be suspect.

    Even Micheal Cohen commented during the public hearing that Trumps worst qualities have become far worse after he became president. The power of the presidency has magnified all the of his self-addictive tendencies. Much like a 40 year chronic alcoholic or drug addict that suddenly is given an unlimited supply of drugs\alcohol, plus given immunity to all harmful acts that occur as a result. Worse than that, If people are harmed, its explained away as something good, not bad. "Its a good that Trump's actions have led to the separation of children from their parents" or "Now racists people can feel proud to be a racist. Its the American away"..... And the icing on the top is that millions of voters fully endorse the results of giving such power to person who will harm others with practically every single action he takes.

    IMO, Trump is someone who has no awareness of how his behavior impacts others. He only seeks validation. If he gets a negative reactions, it because there is something wrong with with them. Trump's reality about himself is that he is a a genius, the perfect person, the man who never makes a mistake. He perceives himself as God over all others. his single most frustration is that he can't control, what he perceives to be, the actions of others that who are not 100% on his team.

    Trump's #1 weakness and strength, bar none, is that he has no self-doubt, no ability to reflect on anything he says or does; no such mirror exists. All failures are because of everyone else. He never ever makes a mistake.

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    Schmidt Wrote:

    Business Insider: In Trump's wide-ranging, 'off-script' CPAC speech, he ignored his chaotic week and lashed out at Mueller and Democrats

    Watching TV pundits talk about Trump's speech today to CPAC, the word "unhinged" was used several times. I have provided an early Business Insider link, but I'll expect his speech to be dissected by others over the next few days.


    The picture below was taken at last year's CPAC meeting.


    You bet.

    See the source image

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    This year's CPAC meeting will be held February 26-29 in Fort Washington, Maryland.

    Mitt Romney will not be in attendance.

    I you look at who the speakers are going to be, you'd really question why people would pay good money to hear them speak. The "cheap seats" are $330, and all three levels of the premium seats are sold out.

    One of the speakers is Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of Brazil's president, which drew this reaction from Right Wing Watch:

    "The Bolsonaro government has been warmly embraced by the Trump administration as an ally in promoting “family values” around the world. At Jair Balsonaro’s inauguration, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave the new president a hug.

    Last summer Jair Bolsonaro announced plans to make Eduardo Bolsonaro the country’s ambassador to the U.S, touting Eduardo’s friendship with President Trump’s sons, but the plan was abandoned in the face of resistance to “such a blatant act of nepotism.” President Trump had supported the plan, saying, “I know his son, and that’s probably why they did it. I don’t think it’s nepotism.”

    Also in the group of speakers are Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Doug Collins, and Devin Nunes.

    Here's Collins making a point in the recent House hearings, and Jerome Nadler hanging on every word:

    See the source image

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    And you think this country is still "normal? It will get much worse I bet. The total sick Trump party will hug his ass even more now he's "free" to do whatever he likes..

    Looking at the total picture right now; we have entered the state of an real dictatorship by an few total idiots.

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    Another speaker who will be at the CPAC meeting is a German teenager named Naomi Seibt aka "the anti-Greta".

    German teen Naomi Seibt is the newest face of the libertarian Heartland Institute’s effort to promote what it calls “global warming realism.” She is set to make her U.S. debut this week at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

    However, if you are a person who is interested in FACTS, you may interested to know that a recent study shows that the Colorado River is down TWO BILLION TONS of water due to climate change. From 1913 to 2017, the river’s average annual flow dropped about 20%, and about half that decline was due to warmer weather.

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    The CPAC meeting in Maryland has finally ended.

    Not surprisingly, Trump was as crazy as ever. The report in Snopes goes into more detail about his performance:

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    If you've followed the career of Sasha Baron Cohen, you'd have to admit that the guy has a lot of balls.

    He is best known as the main character in "Borat", but he has also lured some people (including Trump) into doing interviews with one of his crazy characters.

    This year, he managed to interrupt Mike Pence at the CPAC meeting by dressing as Donald Trump.

    His "town meeting' in Kingman, Arizona is a classic:

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    The first CPAC conference was it 1974, and Ronald Reagan gave the inaugural speech.

    For most of its history, the attendees were rational people, and the straw poll winners shown in the link below reflect this. Mitt Romney has won more straw votes than any other individual, at 4 times.

    The conference took a hard turn to the right in 2013 (the year that Ted Cruz caused the government to get shut down), when Rand Paul was the straw vote winner. He also won in 2014 and 2015.

    Things got crazier in 2016, when Ted Cruz became the straw vote winner, and Donald Trump was the winner in 2019.

    Due to its hard- right lurch, the initials CPAC now stand for Crazy People At a Conference. Since only 8% of African-Americans voters identify as Republican, the initials could also stand for Colored People Ain’t Coming.

    Speakers at the 2021 CPAC conference include FORMER president Donald Trump. FORMER Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Governor Ron DiSantis, Pete Hegseth (FOX News), Scott Walker, Sarah Sanders, Maj Toure, (founder of Black Guns Matter), former ambassador Richard Grenell, Donald Trump Jr., Charlie Kirk, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Mike Lee, Andy Biggs, Lauren Boebert, Mo Brooks, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, Darrell Issa, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, “screech owl” Kimberly Guilfoyle, Ken Paxton, Matthew Boyle (Breitbart News), Kurt Schlicter (, Osama bin Laden look-a-like Ian Smith, Hans von Spakovsky (Heritage Foundation), and Shelby Talcott (Daily Caller), plus a few other crackpots.

    The CPAC conference got a much-needed shot of levity last year when “Borat” crashed the party, but it’s likely that a lot of the folks present were not amused.

    In 2019, Trump hugged a flag on the stage, but this year got even crazier. This year, of course, we got the golden calf (WTF?) and a totally unhinged speech by Tec Cruz.

    Last night Cruz delivered a speech many critics branded “unhinged” to the Conservative Political Action Conference.

    During his presentation he touched on many topics, and managed to find time to joke about his visit to Cancun.

    He complained about the media setting up a “new galactic empire” and his dislike of masks during the pandemic, calling wearing them “virtue signaling”. It came after the US virus death count reached more than 500,000.

    Cruz also joked about people shooting protesters amid a year of unrest caused by continuing police violence against black Americans.

    He told the conference: "In Houston where I live, I have to tell you, there weren't any rioters because let's be very clear, if there had been, they would discover what the state of Texas thinks about the 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms.”

    Also during the speech, Cruz accused Democrats of trying to convert 19-year-old skaters into “socialists” and insisted Donald Trump “ain’t going anywhere”.

    He called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s experiences during the Capitol insurrection “political theatre”

    The executive director of The Democratic Coalition, Scott Dworkin, said the Senator sounded deranged.

    “Ted Cruz just was screaming like an unhinged lunatic at CPAC. So, normal,” he commented.

    Cruz often ends his speeches by quoting from a film. Last night he shouted: “In the immortal words of William Wallace, freedom!”

    Also during the right-wing summit, which today enters its third day in Orlando, organizers have been begging attendees to wear masks, but without much luck.

    Donald Trump Jr spoke yesterday, continuing to promote the lie that Joe Biden did not win the election.

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper has described the gathering as “Woodstock for election liars”.

    Conspicuously absent this year was the NRA, the group that just declared bankruptcy. Taking the organization's place is "Black Guns Matter", a group that ALL black people should be armed. For historical perspective, refer to the Mulford Act, which was passed not long after armed members of the Black Panthers marched into the state capitol in Sacramento.

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    Here's more about the golden calf:

    THE REAL STAR OF FRIDAY’S SHOW: A gilded, larger-than-life-size statue of Trump … and you’ll never guess where it was crafted.

    “It was made in Mexico,” said artist TOMMY ZEGAN, who traveled all the way to CPAC from Rosarito, Mexico, where he lives as an American expat on a permanent resident visa.

    The supply chain: Zegan spent over six months crafting the 200-pound fiberglass statue with the help of three men in Rosarito. He transported it to Tampa, Fla., where it was painted in chrome, then hauled it from there to CPAC in a U-Haul, where he managed to cart it through the conference in just a black-and-white Hawaiian shirt and no CPAC credential. (Tickets were sold out.)

    “If someone offered me $100,000 I’d take it,” Zegan told Playbook.

    There’s more: Zegan crafted an even higher-end, stainless steel version that cost his “life savings,” or $50,000. He said he’s aiming to sell that one for over $1 million. But if not, he hopes to see it in a future Trump Presidential Library. He’s even been in touch with Trump’s longtime executive assistant RHONA GRAFF about the matter.

    “She’s trying to get me in with the right people,” he said.

    Zegan said he tried to get into Mar-a-Lago on Trump’s birthday last year to present the president with the original sculpture, but he couldn’t get past security.

    “I was not a big Trump supporter when he ran,” Zegan told me. “I mean I voted for him because I wasn’t going to vote for Hillary. So I voted for him, but I didn’t really care for him. I used to watch ‘The Apprentice’ but I would turn it off halfway. I thought, ‘This is stupid.’”

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    May be a cartoon of 1 person and text that says 'FORMER CPAC CHAIR: THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS NOW A CULT OF LIARS:

    Mickey Edwards was one of three founding trustees of the Heritage Foundation and the national chairman of the American Conservative Union.

    Edwards has also served as co-chairman of a Brookings Institution/Council on Foreign Relations Task Force on Resources for International Affairs as well as the Brookings Working Group on Campaign Finance Reform and for five years as chairman of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. He has served on the board of directors of the Constitution Project and was the director of the congressional policy task forces advising Ronald Reagan's 1980 presidential campaign.

    In a radio interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross on November 5, 2008, Edwards said that he had voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 general election. He endorsed Joe Biden in 2020 and left the Republican Party after the storming of the United States Capitol.

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    “I was not a big Trump supporter when he ran,” Zegan told me. “I mean I voted for him because I wasn’t going to vote for Hillary. So I voted for him, but I didn’t really care for him. I used to watch ‘The Apprentice’ but I would turn it off halfway. I thought, ‘This is stupid.’”

    Lives in Mexico but voted for Trump. Sounds like voter fraud. Hopefully his moment of temporary fame lasts for 10 more seconds and nobody wants the craft project. You will drive past about 6000 dumpsters on your way back to Tampa.
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    In rereading our posts on CPAC from 2018, 2019, and 2020, it would seem like the script of the movie Groundhog Day where certain scenes are repeated over and over again with a minor twist. Sheesh, these people have no ability to think other than to worship their "golden calf". It is really a sick, sick, sick cult. And today their messiah will take the podium again to wild cheering as he goes off on how Biden stole the election.

    I watched Mary Trump this morning on Velchi's program. She said Trump will pretend to run again in 2024 because he is making more money now from campaign contributions than he ever made as president. As long as the "golden calf" is there to worship for another four years, they will donate and donate and donate. Mary Trump's only reservation about how effective his money raising campaign will be is how the various criminal investigations and indictments could affect the money spigot.

    We'll all see excerpts from Trump's address to CPAC today. It will be Groundhog Day version 6 or 7...I lose count.