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How would trump react if Twitter banned him?

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    Q: How would trump react if Twitter banned him?

    It is understood that this is an unrealistic hypothetical. I ask the question to get people think about how trump would react if twitter decided to ban him.

    Here is a fictional example of a tweet that likely would trigger a permanent ban: "I have evidence, but I can not release it because it is classified, that Obama raped his teenage daughters while president and beat his wife"

    Something like that would like cause twitter to ban him for spreading information that he is not willing to backup, and what everyone knows is false. In this hypothetical, Twitter would decide they have had enough being the #1 megaphone f0r trump and enable him to spread extremely false and harmful information.

    Also, in this hypothetical, most other major social media sites (ie facebook) would also follow twitter's lead and ban trump if he were to go as far as this fictional example.

    Don't focus your response the example, focus how YOU think trump would react if he was locked out of social media for lying in extremely harmful ways, not just personal attacks, but about the country. If you don't like my fictional example, pick your own example that would be too much for social media to tolerate. Also, set aside business profit greed assumptions suggesting social media has no ethical standards, save that argument for some other discussion. I am focused on trump, not the question if Twitter and other social media sites have any ethical standards. In this discussion, assume there is a limit, and trump crosses it, and is banned.

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    He'd call a press conference of all major news and media outlets and say that his freedom of speech rights have been violated, CNN would gobble it up too.
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    It would be perfect. I can hope for it though I realize it is very unlikely. His primary form of communication and childish insults. You never know what the future holds.
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    Couldnt begin to imagine how much somebody would pay trump for a. Live feed .