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8 hour speech

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    Nancy Pelosi spent 8 hours in the US House of Representatives explaining to the Republicans why they should pass a clean DACA bill and she told those Republicans about the families who have lived in this country for 20 or 30 years who were broken up because Trump nullified DACA and the cruelty and harm that action has caused in America is appalling.

    The Republicans in the House who are always BSing about how they are devoted to and believe in family values reveal what a pack of hypocrites they really are when they refused to pass a clean DACA bill.

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    Nancy Pelosi lost her mind; she should know by now that "8" hour speeches disappear into thin air; it did not make any difference or impression, except that she must have been tired to do so. As long as the Trump "dictatorship" is allowed here, then you can speech for 20 hours to the "mob"; but at "zero" result. Let's hope and "pray" (won't help; only action helps), that in the fall the Dem's get more "seats"; however this does not solve or undo the damage done, as long as Trump stays in "power".