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State of the Union

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    Trump's State of the Union Speech on January 30th involved his usual fascist, racist remarks and a big pile of flights of fancy but reality has never been a world Trump is familiar with and Trump's support for another nuclear arms race leaves no doubt that he belongs in a lunatic asylum.

    Observing the responses to Trump's 1 and half hour rambling speech it was interesting to note who was enthusiastically responding to his comments and it was obvious the Republicans were clapping like crazy and grinning like Cheshire Cats.

    Trump's Republican followers have revealed how fascist, racist, warmongering, corrupt and stupid the Republican Party has become and anyone voting Republican is supporting those horrific, unamerican, despicable ideas and policies and there is no point in telling the Republican Party to go to hell since it is already there.

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    That is what you get if you keep an country "dumb" and allow a FOX news to become an Republican propaganda machine.

    Educate people here for a change and without cost to the student, as well have "proper" teachers and a "curriculum" which includes "human nature studies" as well history of the world; the "why" and "how", instead of teaching the only 300 years this country in its present form exists. As well "cause" and "effect"; "action" and "reaction" etc. etc.

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    I haven't seen trump do any state of the union addresses like previous presidents have. He must not have any good news to report.