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Sanders is ahead in everything.

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    Schmidt Wrote:

    I have to hand it to Bernie. Bernie is opportunistically out there in the media again and again reliving his campaign speeches much the same as Trump is out there energizing his folks with proven techniques like "lock her up, lock her up". The DNC and DCCC are trying to find candidates with broader appeal to the moderates and independents but the progressive wing of the party...the die hard Bernie folks are pushing hard at their end. The Bernie revolution folks are making an impact, but are their efforts in selecting candidates as well thought out to "win" or just "feel good"?

    As I browse the internal politics of the Democratic Party while they are in the process of selecting candidates for office for the midterms, I have not seen much movement to unify. There are still two main camps (tribes) and some smaller one issue groups trying to find a voice. That's okay -- It's a part of the process as long as people can unify at the end.

    My view is that nominating "Bernie progressives" is okay for states and districts where that is the populist view of the majority. However, when they start pushing progressive ideologues in purple or red districts and states, those candidates have a lesser chance of winning over moderate Republicans and independents, which is crucial for winning these states in 2018. Also a slate of blue state elected candidates from those chosen by the very progressive Our Revolution Movement is in my opinion destined to be a second player and or perhaps obstructionists in Congress as their constituents demand that they honor the "no compromise" pledges they campaigned on.

    Nevertheless I am optimistic as I have seen liberals energized as never before, especially minorities, women and now the teens and 20 somethings. I like that, it gives me hope. I just hope their passion will not die off in the coming months up to the November 2018 elections. Or that they don't start pointing fingers at each other which can cause them to not vote or vote for the "other party".

    Unifying and building for three years filling a vacuum.