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Mid Term Elections

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    Trump is already preparing an offensive. Therefore he's so nice to the Russians; he stopped the "sanctions" as well had the Russian "spy" agencies have a meeting with Pompeo in D.C. (What for?) He's also not doing anything to prevent the Russians to interfere in the coming elections. Thus in other words he is asking the Russians to help him again to "win"

    Is this country really so blind that they don't realize that they voted for an "mob" boss con-man, who knows all the tricks of the "street" mob in order to get out from under the rule of law. Yes that is the only education Trump got and is using now. America is totally "blind" about what this guy is up to: DICTATORSHIP is his goal.

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    People on street corners or at the mall would lead better than the self serving group currently in power.

    I have little hope for the midterms. The D party is being handed the easiest possible path but our ineffective and completely out of touch party may or may not make any proper steps towards advancing their agenda.

    My intense hope is that the national unhappiness with Republicans ways leads to record numbers of voters in '18 and again in '20. Not the standard "We have voted every single time for the last 40 years" voters but a fabulous mix of young and old who never thought their opinions counted. We need a voting revolution where it is taken back into the hands of individuals.

    Campaign finance and the electoral college need fixed. Most people saying this isn't working perhaps I should do what I can. That would help drastically.

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    Tony you are correct; I've not seen any strong DNC actions as well an "real leadership" in who they will push as their candidate in 2020. For 2018 midterm I've not seen where they will take action and how.

    However about your last points (which I strongly support), I see no progress at all as long as the "system" loves corruption by the 1%, like Trump who has paid back his "donors", thus this game is here to stay , because the "donors" were rewarded and they will support Trump and his cronies to the bitter end.

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    One of the first casualties of the fiasco in Florida is Brenda Snipes (a frequent Trump critic) , who just submitted her resignation as the Broward Country elections chief, a position she has held since 2003, when she was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush (the early front runner in the 2016 Presidential election). Since she is 75, it probably was time to retire, but her sudden resignation seems a bit suspicious:

    Florida seems to have a history of voting problems, none more so that the ones involving Katherine Harris, who was Secretary of State in 2000. A reading of hiography will reveal some interesting facts:

    .. born into the state's richest and most politically influential families ..

    .. her extended family is active in Christian evangelism ..

    .. she introduced William Griffin, the CEO of Riscorp, to various state legislators .. he later went to prison because of $400,000 in illegal campaign contributions ..

    .. During her first 22 months in office, Harris spent more than $106,000 for travel, more than the governor or any other cabinet officer. She visited eight countries including Iran, India, and the Netherlands on ten foreign trips ..

    .. she was co-chair of George W. Bush's election efforts in Florida, while also overseeing the election in her capacity as Secretary of State, precisely what Brian Kemp just did in Georgia .. Ohio's Secretary of State did the same in 2004, and caused John Kerry to lose the election , and give Bush a second term..

    .. a total vote difference of 537 votes in Florida (out of a nationwide total of 100 million) got Bush elected, even though Gore had 500,000 more votes ..

    .. Harris was a headline speaker at the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church's "Reclaiming America for Christ" conference held in Ft. Lauderdale on March 17–18, 2006 ..

    .. her interview with the Florida Baptist Witness (in the link below) on August 24, 2006, Harris called for Christians to vote on religious lines will trigger your gag reflex ..

    .. On October 3, 2006, Harris participated in a prayer service via phone call. In one instance, she called for the elimination of the separation of church and state ..

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    The main reason that the Democrats won as many House seats as they did is that they focused on healthcare, instead of attacking the buffoon in the White House.

    Conveniently, Federal District Court judge Reed O'Connor just dropped a ruling late on Friday night that said that Obamacare was unconstitutional because the "tax scam" bill from the spring of last year reduced the penalty for not having coverage to zero. His ruling happened to come the day before enrollment for the Affordable Care Act ends, but just AFTER the mid-term elections, even though the GOP attorneys general that filed their suit way back in February.

    If he had issued his opinion BEFORE the mid-term elections, it's a dead certainty that Rick Scott would not be the next senator from Florida, and Brian Kemp would not be the next governor of Georgia.

    The Affordable Care Act has already been upheld twice by the Supreme Court, but it looks like the law will have to make that trip at least one more time.

    In the meantime, the Democrats need to remind voters as often as possible over the next two years what the GOP has done to screw the general public.

    They also may want to take a cue from the GOP about how to reverse the tax law (officially, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act). As of November 02, 2017, the United States House of Representatives had considered 100 resolutions to repeal, deauthorize, defund, or otherwise destroy the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (better known as Obamacare. They also shut down the government in attempt to defund the act.

    Once the "adults in the room" take over in January, they may want to start threatening to use the same childish maneuver about the tax law. Once Nancy Pelosi becomes president (which seems more likely every day) it should be a simple matter to repeal Trump's largest legislative mistake. If the GOP managed to get ANOTHER round of tax cuts passed, the combination of the two laws would add $3.8 trillion to our national debt over the next two decades, and would actually REDUCE, rather than add, to the nation's GDP.

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    Guy, an excellent review; it shows clearly what I've said so many times that our system is broken and Constitutions don't work if you don't "maintain" or "update it" to the times and let a zillion lawyers tinker with it. As well an two party only system creates an polarized corrupt system, leads to chaos and an unworkable government. Furthermore giving an President way too much power without any solid oversight is asking for corruption or mismanagement. Yes an "banana republic" in the making.
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    Rest assured, the DNC is going to give it to the GOP with all cylinders firing. Top democrats have already voiced their views on this squirrely judge trying to turn back the ACA.