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"Values" should not affect American national policy: Rex Tillerson

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    What values?

    Oh, good old American values like:

    freedom, human dignity and "the way people are treated"

    America first, that's what. America first for national security. America first for economic prosperity.

    Freedom? Ptah! to that if it comprises economic prosperity. Human dignity? Ptah! if it compromises national security. We shouldn't give a damn "the way people are treated".

    Oligarchy rules! Plutocracy rules! Corporatocracy rules!

    Democracy? Rule of the mere people? Are you nuts?

    Strangely, this view is presented only from this one view. All of a sudden it's not necessary, as it is in the matter of climate change, to present opposing views.

    Has there been a radical policy change at CNN?

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    Karen, I lived and worked all over the "place" Traveled the whole world for my work and lived in The Netherlands, Canada and France. So my view on it is simple; live and let live. Don't force our ( bad) values of "corruption", capitalism, religion as well our non-culture ( We never had an DaVinchi, Van Gogh, Rembrandt or even Pasteur here) let alone a culture of thousands of years like China; this country is barely 300 years old in its present state (forget the Indians, except they had an culture) Sorry this country is an "island" in this big world, but thinks it can rule the world; it can barely run its own government, let alone provide decent healthcare or other social things, let alone infrastructure. ( France had an TGV train for more than 30 years already; none here yet)

    The Constitution never caught up with the times; like an antiquated "electoral college" (only votes should count; like in other "civil" countries) as well ridiculous gun laws because of a wrong interpretation of the "second amendment" etc. Let alone only a two "party" system, which leads to "dictatorship" as is now the case with Trump.

    So this country is absolutely not suited to dictate others on how to live and work or scold other religions or race etc. Invading other countries, who never attacked us and which we don't like does not help either.

    Our "love" for "money" only, makes this country not an good example for others.

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    Karen, Welcome. I appreciate your contribution. I hope you visit often.

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    Democracy and sovereignty both need to be looked at objectively.
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    Like Karen said: What values? Here only "money" has a value; not happiness, let alone having an "peaceful" environment as well enough educated people who promote real values of life on this planet.
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    It has been said that nations have no values, only interests. This is true, imo. Symbols and national mythology are nothing more than agitprop. During times of real or conjured physical/existential threat they provide foundation which the elites, elected or non-elected, use to rally the lower classes to march off as cannon fodder or to permit curtailment, always “temporary”, off rights of the lower classes.

    No, the driver of foreign policy which is projected domestic policy is increasing or maintaining of accumulation of wealth. The calcification of upward social mobility means that while national mythology proclaims anyone can be successful the reality is that upward social mobility must be accompanied by downward social mobility. The elites rig the system via removal of what gave them a “leg up” by the so-called iron law of meritocracy. This is simply class war. And of course racism and sexism play a role as well.

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    Yes "values" don't count in the GOP! Read this you will be shocked.