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Hypocritical Alabama Litmus Test for Candidates

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    I confess, it annoys me profoundly when I hear the following questions asked of Alabama candidates:

    Are you a man of faith?

    Are you pro-life?

    A story recently appeared about a local man charged with 165 counts of possession of child pornography. I wonder if he was a man of "faith", if he was rabidly pro-life. I'll just bet he was.

    I have no problem with candidates being asked about their values, such as:

    Do you believe that the hungry poor should be given food? Are you opposed to food stamps?

    Do you believe that prenatal and obstetric care should be available to every woman in America? American women are seven times more likely to die of pregnancy-related complications than Finnish women. And, the numbers are even worse in Alabama.

    Do you believe that corporations are people?

    Do you believe that money is speech?

    Ask away questions like this, even if they are not leftie questions. I won't quibble with that. But, faith?

    What the hell is faith?

    Faith in what?

    And, I find the hypocrisy of the pro-life crowd astounding in their ability to not give a damn about prenatal and obstetric care for pregnant women.

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    Karen, the problem in this country is indeed the "religious" groups; especially the so called "evangelicals". They never learned to analyse, let alone "cause and effect". How did Adam and Eve survive on hot lava? How did their children get children, only possible by incest. Talked to a snake lately, or walked on water? "faith" is "belief", which are not "facts".

    Bibles were only written less than 8000 years ago while the earth is millions of years old; thus most of the "stories" in it are from hearsay or are fantasy. Every doctor will tell you that he's never seen an "soul" either in the body or flying to an location in outer space. Mars? Anyway my motto is "live and let live" However if a person gets raped you can't demand that she gives birth to an unwanted and hated kid. Neither you should parents saddle up with an total deformed kid who will die anyway in a few years or month after birth with a lot of pain. For such kid it is hell on earth. Churches nor the Government should not meddle in a women's life; her body is her's alone.