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Hypocrisy of faith-based and anti-abortion groups

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    I predict that abortion will be THE hot topic in the 2020 election.

    GOPUSA ackwowledged as much this morning, with the article listed below:

    Here's a key line:

    This is part of what I refer to as Jezebel’s War with America (the title of my forthcoming book), where the forces of radical feminism come together with the extreme pro-abortion movement (among other spiritual and cultural forces) in an attempt destroy America.

    According to Pew Research Center, 70% of the American public are opposed to overturning Roe v Wade.

    The Republican Party is saddled with an unpopular president, and now they are ham strung by deeply unpopular laws in Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, and Michigan. After the release of the Mueller report (which I am currently in the process of reading) Trump's approval rating has dropped to 37%.

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    So you are writing an book? I don't hope you quote/mention an stupid Dutchman in it, who 's now selling special sterilized abortion coat hangers approved and signed by Jesus in Alabama. Ha haWink
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    Karen Hedwig Backm Wrote:

    I do not believe in anything other than science and facts. However, I am fine with the beliefs of others, true or false, as long as they do not injure or restrict others.

    But, I am having a serious problem with the Alabama litmus test for political candidates:

    Are you a member of a faith community?

    Are you pro-life?

    I am seriously offended by those questions, especially as a non-member of a "faith" community, or as a person who questions the real meaning of the term "pro-life".

    How can you call yourself pro-life when you do not have a problem with the fact that an American woman is seven times more likely to die of pregnancy-related complications than a Finnish woman, simply because these so-called "pro-life" people do not believe in prenatal and obstetric care for pregnant women, especially poor women. These harsh facts of American life are even harsher in the so-called "pro-life" state of Alabama.

    Hypocrisy. Pure and simple and evil hypocrisy.

    And, the issue of so-called "faith". What kind of evil devil do these so-called "pro-life" people worship if they refuse to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, homes to the homeless, medical care to the sick?

    What kind of "faith" is that?

    Hypocrisy. Pure and simple and evil hypocrisy.

    Just stop it with the sanctimonious litmus test for political candidates.

    And the endemic deceit and dishonesty found in your ranks.

    That is what you get in areas of assbend country, they're as backward as can be. BTW, the majority of their legislature is made up of nearly all CONservative MEN. Mostly MEN passed the recent legislation to ban abortions, even in cases of incest, rape, etc.. Hopefully, those republicans will be willing to either adopt or financially support those WOMEN having babies. Assbend Missouri recently passed near like legislation, I'll bet women wished Nixon were still their governor.
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    Schmidt Wrote:

    USA Today, May 10, 2019: Mike Pence: Why his role as Trump's evangelical ambassador is facing new pushback

    Maybe Trump got lucky when he chose Pence, or maybe Trump could see the corruption and ambition in Pence; someone who would sell his soul to be VP.

    My perception of Pence is that he, like Barr, sees Trump for the con man that Trump always has been, and Pence feeds into Trump ego to appease Trump's need to have the illusion that other powerful men respect him (nobody does). But, IMO, Pence goes to bed at night praying that Trump's tax returns get released which would cause Trump to resign the presidency before the 2020 election, thus handing over presidency and 2020 Republican nomination to Pence.... That is Pence's dream, because he gets it all without having to back stab anybody. And of course in Pence's perfect scenario, he goes on to win the 2020 election in a landslide, and if he needs to, he pardons Donald Trump after he becomes president.

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    It seems according to Bill Maher that more and more fanatic Catholics are being incorporated into the government. Pompeo, Pence, Barr, Corsuch, Kavanaugh, Bolton etc. all are Catholics who have an "agenda" about "abortion"' and "church" involvement in "governing". It has actually become an counter movement against Muslims or even Protestants, ( like in Ireland). While in other places in the world, like in Europe fewer people go to church or have an "'belief" , the opposite is here the case. Any religion is in fact used to get "power" over the people. Once the "church" pushes its way into the government, then you get the same as with the Inca's then "religion" is running the country as an dictatorship; they determine how you live and think. It works like an obedience "class" The object is total "control" over you and your body and mind.

    The Catholic church always has been the most murderous church in Western civilizations (except Muslims they are not sweethearts either as any "religion") They probably killed more people since inception, than the "black plague". Especially in France and Spain and South America where they killed lots of Inca's and Maya's and stole their gold. Burn the "witches" and during the crusades kill the Palestinians (as is done now by the Jews, another "religion"). Sorry people "churches" were never meant to save your non-existent soul( ask any doctor if he can operate on it) , but just want your "money" and "obedience" via "indoctrination", with the threat that otherwise you never will enter an non-existent "heaven"' on Mars; without "brains" because they no longer work if they are "dead", They don't have an "backup" as your computer has.. It is just having unconditional "power" over the people via "threats" ; the same as certain politicians do. Sorry "religion" is an "curse" invented" by humans.

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    I don't have enough energy to write a an entire book. The book mentioned above was written by a man named Michael Brown. I don't see any reason to read it.

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:


    I don't have enough energy to write a an entire book. The book mentioned above was written by a man named Michael Brown. I don't see any reason to read it.

    Looking at all your "posts" here ( which are all to the point) you could compile an book of it!Thumbs Up
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    I saw an "map" on TV, which showed which States are introducing the anti-abortion craziness; it is typical those States who are super Christian and "backwards" as well not in the coastal area's. I believe that in those States also idiots like McConnell and others from Kentucky and S. Carolina have an huge influence in our government. The reason for that is the "electoral college"; why have a country run by an crazy backwards minority? The "brains are mostly in the coastal area's (except Florida and S.& N.Carolina as well some weird States at the East coast). I guess all of this has to do with "education" or "rural" area's where the time stood still. Therefore the curriculum of what the kids get, should not be tied to churches or politically motivated; i.e. keep them "dumb" then they will vote for us. If you hear and see some of the senators from those States then most of the time I have to puke, about how in hell did they get into those positions. Like an Jordan, Rand Paul, Graham, etc. Kentucky (a tiny "nothing" State) has the biggest influence in our government via McConnell; how is that possible?
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    Mike Luckovich had some interesting thoughts about his topic on Tuesday of this week:

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    It has been almost exactly 10 years since Dr. George Tiller was murdered. The irony of his murder is that he was murdered in a church - and the religious folks are the ones who are the most opposed to abortion.

    Today, abortion providers face an even more volatile political backdrop than Dr. Tiller did during his lifetime. In the years after Dr. Tiller’s murder, state legislatures passed hundreds of anti-abortion regulations intended to shut down abortion clinics and make it harder for women to access the procedure. Then came Donald Trump, who became president thanks in large part to the support of evangelical voters counting on him to deliver anti-abortion Supreme Court justices and other judges — a promise that he has fulfilled, leading anti-abortion lawmakers in states around the country to pass a rash of near-total abortion bans this year.

    Amy Hagstrom Miller,the founder and chief executive of the Whole Woman’s Health network of abortion clinics, has had reason to call on law enforcement recently. Ms. Hagstrom Miller also worries about President Trump saying at his rallies, wrongly, that women and doctors routinely “execute” babies. “This kind of language and rhetoric,” she said, “doesn’t just fall on the ears of well-balanced people.”

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    George Faught, a Republican representing Oklahoma's 14th district, has openly advocated for rapist's right. He says that "rape is the will of God".

    So is a limp dick as you get older, George.

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    I am from Alabama and the Baptists rent buses to Biloxi and Ocean Springs to gamble, while voting down any form of gambling for our state. It is even worse for women, as 25 men forced a vote to make women carry to term any fetus, regardless of how it was conceived. They want the SCOTUS to re-examine RvWade. I have also seen the uprise of white supremists. The KKK is outlawed in Alabama since the Southern Poverty League knocked them out, but the SPL seems to be lagging now. Trump is pushing to allow more access for the Alt Right, but actually Moderates and Liberals are being silenced. I used to have access to Huffington Post, Politico, and CNN for comments. No more. I feel less mainsteam for political outlets than conseratives. Cannot someone of means united the left online?
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    Tecie, welcome to this site. Yes "abortion" seems to be an issue, especially in an State like yours, which is pure idiotic. First of all "governing" should only involve issues which are related to "living conditions" but not deal with your "body" itself.

    That is how it works in Western Europe; there is an strict separation of "church" and State. Religion should never interfere with your "well being". No one from outer space dictates your life or what happens on this tiny nothing planet in between an billions of stars and other space junk. Sorry an "human" is totally on its own in its own body; it just that other humans want to meddle with your life in order to get power over you and exploit you. That is just an animal instinct and not heavenly at all. All Bibles, Korans etc. were written solely by humans; surely no one from Mars or Jupiter. So Governments should not meddle in your personal life.

    Thus live and let live, that should be the values.

    If you have to raise an unwanted kid because of rape; do you then love or hate the kid? Neither such kid will have an "fine" live if he knows he was the kid perceived from an rapist. So an loose, loose situation, where the stupid Alabama government closes their eyes for.

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    Welcome to the Democratic Hub. New voices are always welcome.

    You've raised some good points about the hypocrisy of Alabama Republicans. However, I am even more concerned about the fact that you can't access CNN, Politico, and the Huffington Post.

    I know that Sinclair broadcasting owns 8 affiliates in the state. Since they are just as bad as FOX, that's a problem. Why aren't you able to access "real news?".

    As you are probably aware, Alabama is tied with Mississippi as "the most religious state in the country" - and that also is a problem.