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Russian sanctions

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    This un-provoked war keeps goin on and on which may kill even more innocent civilians. Just helping with "war tools" does not help civilians who are now also starving and have hardly any medical help; hospitals and shelters are being bombed.

    In the meantime an "hard core" of Republicans keep supporting Putin the "killer"; unbelievable for sure. Like I've said so many times, how did these idiots ever end up in the "government". Even an dumb ass GOP "elected kid" in an wheelchair cheers for Putin.

    Why is Biden totally "blind" for these things and does not expels them one way or another? Sure they were "elected" by similar "idiots" in certain States, so that does not mean they are "qualified". This surely means that the "education" in certain States about "governing" and on how an society should work is missing and FOX News and other "right wing" ether polluters are the "educators", instead of teaching common sense of "reality" of life on this tiny "planet".

    Sorry having these types in the government makes this country not any different than Russia; yes we have the "oligarc's" as well (ask the rich here). Trump learned from Putin and Putin learned from Trump. Amen