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Paul Ryan

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    wwjd said:

    "In the case of Ryan, Ryan is fully aware trump is out of league, unable to handle the responsibilities to president, total asshole as person, and a complete moron. Ryan knows all this, and uses trump's failings to his political advantage."

    And Ryan is no more qualified as a person to administer to the needs of a country. He is simply in a place of authority because of the abandonment of human rights by his constituency. Trump is in a place of authority because of similar circumstances. Why are either one of these men holding public office when the public is the furtherest thing from their agenda. I think their can be a case made for impeachment for both of them based upon their being representatives of the national interest when in fact they have very narrow interests.

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    Schmidt Wrote:

    Here is a Truthout article from 2012 linking Paul Ryan and the Birchers.

    Truthout, August 2012: Paul Ryan and the Long War on Democracy

    Here's an extract:

    "The reactionary Koch brothers, along with Tea Party advocates and gloves-off free-market capitalists have used the Citizens United decision to pressure Romney into selecting Ryan as his running mate. The Koch brothers are staunch supporters of Ryan; in fact, they have been among the largest contributors to Ryan over his entire political career.

    "Ryan's mission is likely to fulfill papa Fred Koch's vision to restore America to its former glory days as a white Christian nation ruled by a plutocratic moneyed elite. The elder Koch was the founder of the notorious John Birch Society ("Diamond," Sara (1995). NY: Guilford Press. p. 324. ISBN 0-89862-862-8). As the progenitor of the Koch family, the elder Koch candidly and unabashedly wrote, "the colored man looms large in the Communist plan to take over America," and "welfare was a secret plot to attract rural blacks to cities, where they would foment a vicious race war")."


    Remember, this is from 2012...

    Guy and Schmidt, yes I still remember what "Eternal" wrote about the J. Birch society; yes it fits Ryan 100%. These people are very, very dangerous. I'm afraid they already grabbed a lot of power in this government. Yes an "dictatorship" of these fanatics is on the horizon. So lets hope the "educated" people here realize what the J. Birch society is and take action.