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    This compilation has been so obvious for many of us, but those suckers who keep giving to these crooked televangelists -- like they have some kind of connection to their "God" -- need their heads examined. They also find a good home in the Republican Party, a place where alternative realities thrive and are nourished by the elected members of the party. Oh and I forgot to mention the money...
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    More than 80% of American voters who identify as white evangelical Christians chose Donald Trump in 2016. In this new collection of essays, other evangelicals tell those voters in blunt terms not to do the same appalling thing this November.


    Most of "his time in office has been spent lying, devising wicked schemes, rushing into immoral actions, bearing false witness against perceived enemies and stirring up conflict," adds Chris Thurman in his essay, "God Hates a Lying Tongue."

    Beyond all that, other essayists add, "(O)ne cannot really love Jesus and wish to follow him and also vote for a person who so clearly embodies the opposite of everything Christ taught, died for and demands of us." Plus, Trump is "a twice-divorced, thrice-married, self-confessed sexual predator whose understanding of the faith is so truncated that he can't even fake religious literacy." And to top it off, Trump is "the most irreligious president in at least 100 years."

    The condemnation of evangelicals who ignored cognitive dissonance and voted for him, however, is even harsher than the descriptions of Trump. As Christopher Hutchinson puts it, "our problem is not primarily with Mr. Trump himself. … Our problem is with a culture that is so materialistic and amoral that it elevated such a man to power in the first place."

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    Excellent story; but in one ear, out the other in this country. I guess they will never learn. This is the most weird country related to religion; sure some people are religious in Europe but they don't "advertise" it like here; they don't bother you . I traveled the whole world but never seen anything like this as in this country. Yes this country is only 300 years old and it shows. It still has to find out what is wrong here. It is purely an country for the rich and crooks; for the rest they are dependent of those. Like I've said a zillion times the rules and laws are outdated/manipulated and cause the present situation. I don't see that happening in Canada, because they've got the right system. Just looking at our coming election, it shows how terrible amaturistic it really is, that any fool can tinker with it because of the loads of "money" injected into it. "Money" drives this country, not "brains". If "brains", then it is only used to get more "money" and "power" over the people.

    Religion here is only used as an"tool" to "fit" into an culture in which "money" is the real "religion"