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Trump solar tariffs

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    Gore defends Trump solar tariffs decision


    01/25/2018 09:50 AM EST

    As I have said before stealing other countries jobs is lose lose loss. Trump won't be making or creating jobs, he will be stealing jobs. Instead of his massive tax cut give back he should have directed that money to new factories. He should have acted to entice money into jobs creativity by imposing not a damaging tariff but a luxury tax on high speed trading and the futures market of nonsensitive investments and trades. Nonsensitive trades and investments would be a trade that did not fit the strict definition of a futures. Trump will cause prices here to go up followed by massive unemployment.

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    According to Bloomberg, “The deal was reached after two days of talks in Tokyo, and came just hours after Trump imposed tariffs on imported solar panels and washing machines — his first major move to level what he says is a global playing field tilted against U.S. companies.”

    Those tariffs will cost America at least 23,000 jobs, say solar industry experts, and come ostensibly as Trump tries to favor oil and coal in the global market, despite the fact that the technologies are non-sustainable and employ fewer people than solar to begin with.