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Trump's ICE gone nuts

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    Trump’s ICE just deported a doctor living in the U.S. for 40 years

    The guy was from Poland, had a green card and no arrest record of concern. ICE agents are acting like they are on a mission to rid the country of "foreigners." I wonder about all the rumors of how Melania was able to work here as a model before marrying Trump. Would ICE agents dare question her?

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    If I understand things correctly, 25 years ago he pled guilty at age 17 for misdemeanor crimes in the state. However, ICE does not does recognize State plea deals, so the guy shows up on the ICE list as a criminal to be deported?.... Is that the story?

    What is so puzzling is why would ICE\DOJ\Trump target a WHITE middle class medical doctor with preteen children and an nice American wife. trump's base is racist, they don't give a damn about WHITE people coming here from Poland illegally, nor does trump. They are only interested in deporting non-WHITE people.

    I suspect there is more to this story, unless it truly is a major fuck-up by ICE not knowing what they are doing.

    Depending on how long ICE is allowed to escalate their manhunts, there will come a day when ICE is caught on camera kicking in doors like a SWAT team, and dragging people out by their hair, and pointing automatic military weapons at little brown kids in their Disneyland PJs (think of Abu Ghraib Abuse Photos).

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    Yes we saw the same story; it reminded me of the Nazi "razzia's" . How far have we sunk? Yes watch out the "brown" shirts are coming! How can "normal' people accept such? Sorry Schmidt, I hope you finally see what the GOP is all about; they have become Nazi's. " White Christian Suprematists" like Hitler did; All of Trump's gang like Sessions, Miller, Kelly, Jordan, Zinke, Cotton etc. are all Nazi's. Even the church ministers approve of Trumps behavior by paying a hooker $130,000 dollar while married.

    Yes this country is going down the tubes in a hurry!