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the return of the mad king

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    All I can say; Are these "grown-ups"? Again, it shows indeed that this country is "loosing" it on all fronts, brain wise.

    An total "circus"; where is all of this described in the Constitution? May be in an "clown" manual?

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    Actually the heading should be "the return of Adolf Hitler"; This morning Fareed on CNN, it mentioned the same thing as I've been saying for years; Trump is "copying" Hitler all the way. It makes sense, because his Daddy came from Germany while Hitler was just promoting himself , which likely attracted him and therefore joined the KKK in N.Y. and became one of their leaders. All of this rubbed of on Donald who likely read "Mein Kampf" (given to him by his Daddy?) the book what Hitler had published.

    The same as with Trump, Hitler lied all the time and got his followers the same way as Trump did; lots of posters, flags, signs , batches, uniforms etc. to intimidate. The same lies over and over again; the only thing is missing are the "parades". But Trump instead put "rally's" in its place to compensate for that. It is absolutely scary how much of what Hitler did is the same Trump does. ( Kristal Nacht looks like what is going on in Georgia; Trump is still claiming "he won")

    The problem here is that most people here never experienced what happened in Germany and Europe in those days; if so then they either forgot such, or never were confronted with it. We never had an"war" on our own soil done by "foreigners" so they have no clue what war on own soil is like.

    Therefore "kids" here should be taught at school what Hitler was all about and may be then they understand what Trump is all about.

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    The New York Times editorial board this morning summarized what the last days of the Trump presidency will be like:

    WHILE AMERICANS prepare to celebrate the holiday season, President Trump and his hardcore supporters are contemplating a turbulent final month that could make the rest of his chaotic presidency look placid. As Mr. Trump sidelines even some of his most loyal aides and allies, the few checks that remained on the president’s behavior are eroding, potentially leading to a Jan. 6 showdown over electoral votes on Capitol Hill that could further damage U.S. democracy.

    Government officials and even some presidential aides are reportedly bracing for what might come next. The possibilities include strange orders to the armed forces, mass firings in key national security departments, more bizarre pardons, demands to prosecute Trump political enemies or the appointment of one or several special counsels to force the Justice Department to investigate bogus claims of election irregularities and other Trump obsessions.

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    Arizona, fasten your seatbelts! As I've written so many times that such only can happen due to the lousy rules and laws here, but no one wakes up to change or adapt these laws and rules. This laughable exercise shows such exactly. I already wrote about the pardoning, on how ridiculous this is; pardons should only apply if "justice" made an mistake by punishing someone who by mistake was convicted. Thus change this "rule/law" please!!! Re-write plenty of "rules" and "laws here which are not working. Especially the "non-laws" for Presidents. He now pardoned "war crime" criminals who killed women and children in cold blood. The world must now think we are "barbarians".

    Neither is there an "law" about how an transfer of power should be done; as well I recommend to do such in no more than an month. It should be "detailed" in such way that an outgoing President can't do all the things Trump is now doing.

    Neither nothing is defined about "the robbing" which is done now by Trump and his cronies before leaving.

    Sorry to say this is an huge "un-developped" country related to "laws". I think the problem is that this country took over the British mess and let a zillion lawyers tinker with it, but never had an President who demanded to improve such.

    So sit out another month and hopefully the "damage" will not develop in an "coup" as any "banana republic"

    I feel sorry for Biden, he will have an near impossible task which is just about impossible to do, so I don't have much hope that this country will improve "law" wise.