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the return of the mad king

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    Trump and Melania attended the 5th game of the World Series last night - and he was roundly booed.

    See the source image

    It also does not appear that Barron attended the game with his parents, which raises this question:

    What kind of an asshole would go to a World Series game and not take his son?

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    Incidentally, Trump was not the first president to be booed at a MLB game.

    Hoover was the first in 1931, and Truman was the second, in 1951, right after he fired Douglas MacArthur. Latter-era presidents have not been immune from razzing. President George H.W. Bush was booed when he was introduced at the 1992 All-Star Game in San Diego. His son, George W. Bush, got the Bronx cheer when he threw out the first pitch at the first game at Nationals Park in 2008. There were also a few boos when President Barack Obama threw out the first pitch at the 2009 All-Star Game in St. Louis.

    So, Mr. Trump, grow a pair.

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    Returning to the White House from his visit to New York City, where he was greeted with boos during a public appearance at Madison Square Garden, Donald Trump stopped to talk to reporters on the South Lawn where he launched a full-on attack on the anonymous whistle-blower whose report helped kick-start impeachment hearings against him.

    Using innuendo and a lot of “they says,” the president accused the whistle-blower of being in league with former officials in President Barack Obama’s administration who are conspiring against him.

    Here's the headline:

    "Trump snarls at media for not exposing whistle-blower's name in wild conspiratorial rant".

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    The New York Times just finished reviewing ALL of the tweets he has sent out since January of 2017. They found that that he is a vicious, narcissistic, dictator-loving goon. The number of his tweets have increased dramatically in 2019. The vast majority have attacked either someone or something.

    See the source image

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    I've read the Mueller Report, which lists 12 instances of obstruction of justice. Perhaps because Nancy Pelosi sensed that impeaching Trump would be even more of a circus than the one that just concluded, she decided to hold off. However, once Trump tried to extort Ukraine, she had no choice but to move forward.

    To repeat, Trump got impeached because he withheld funds that congress had already approved to be sent to Ukraine.

    On Tuesday of this week, the House approved a massive $1.4 trillion spending package. The package contained $250 million in military aid to Ukraine, and today we learned that the White House threatened to veto that bill and send the country into a government shutdown if House Democrats insisted on language calling for prompt release of that money. The White House says the president, rather than Congress, should have say in how money is released.

    Obviously, Trump STILL thinks that he can act as a king.

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    Sorry, he can act like an "dictator" but even an "king" has not an "cult" around him. I bet that in this "budget" there are "loopholes" of which he can profit from and fill his overflowing pockets. He's acting like an King, because our outdated stupid 1800's law allows him to do whatever he wants, as well his loyal "cult" are blinded and refuse to "see" what he stands for. The Senate has now become another "mafia" bunch which is making their own rules and laws.

    Thus in other words, you can"impeach" this crook, but not "fire" him, because of the "loyal "cult kissing the "King's" sweaty smelly feet.

    Thus indeed "la la land" where an "Moscow turtle" rules who came from the tiny Sate of backwards Kentucky!

    No wonder that Putin enjoys himself every day, with this naive dumb country which he uses as an sled dog.