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State of the Union

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    Like most of you, I will not be watching the January 30th State of the Union address. However. I am delighted about the fact that Jorge Garcia's wife (Cindy Garcia) will be attending the speech with a member of Congress. (As you know, her husband was just deported to Mexico after spending nearly 30 years in this country). Mrs. Garcia was on "the View" the other day, which helped to provide a much needed spotlight on Trump's immigration nonsense.

    Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune had some good thoughts on the State of the Union speech this morning:

    Although I do not think that Democrats should stay away forever, it makes since to do so as long as Trump is still President.

    There IS one exception to my vow, however.

    If it became known that "Stormy Daniels" was going to be in attendance, I definitely WOULD tune in.

    it is always fun to watch fireworks!

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    I will record it because I literally am unable to watching\listening to trump for more than a couple of minutes.

    interesting tid bid, on morning Joe someone said that the WH staff encourages trump to issue a lot tweets during the mornings when he has any public speaking arranged because it allows him to release his frustration early. The WH Staff knows if he keeps his frustration pent up, that is when he goes off the rails during public speaking or interviews. "If he only had tweeted more the morning the Lester Holt inerview, he mostly like like would have performed better rather than blurtered out the truth. That last thing we want him doing is stelling the truth about anything"