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    According to the report, trump is in better health than any of the Obama's examines over the past 8 years.

    The WH is claiming trump is more fit than Obama, and as fit a professional NFL player (6'3, 239lbs). best

    Trivial details omitted from report: trump is classified as obese, at least 75lbs over weight.

    PS Humor... According trump's personal historians trump turned down the NFL multiple offers over the past 37 years because he was too busy saving America from the illegal Media Terrorists, and besides the NFL's 2016 offer was insulting, a measly 1.1 billion per season. However, trump is considering saving the failing NFL after retiring as president, assuming the NFL still around after this year's failed Superbowl that nobody going to watch. Rumors that he would be a front man for Putin are 49% false.

    PSS... the doctor noted that trump is not drinking enough diet cokes and eating too little junk food. Recommend doubling down..

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    His cholesterol levels were high; I hope he keeps eating the grease burgers and diesel oil soaked Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    But yeah even the "healthiest" people drop dead of an heart attack, because by "loosing it", an blood vessel may burst. His "temper" may kill him.