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    I think MLK ranks near the top of list of most influential figures that brought about great possible change which is EXACTLY what has made America great today, not was great.

    I would like to point out something that is mostly overlooked about King and equal rights movement. MLK was key to preventing a racial civil war. He lead the equal rights movement through civil disobedience with #1 priority of non-violence. Given human history for using violence to handle racial problems, it rationally it would have been much easier for the black community to raise up, organize, and use violence as a method to force change. MLK could have been a militant leader of millions of blacks willing to kill and die to get equal rights, and if MLK had pursued that approach, America would have entered into a racial war where Blacks started blowing up White Churches as revenge, hanging innocent white people just to make a point that for over 100 years innocent black families were hang. How long such a racial war would have last, and how many people would have died, will never been known, as well as end results of racial war. What we can be thankful for is it never happened, and it was not because White people decided do the right thing, it was because the MLK convinced the black community that non-violence would get them what they wanted\needed\deserved. MLK and the black community prevented a racial war, not white people. They did the right thing, Mainstream American sided with the black community largely because the the equal right movement did not use violent methods to force change, it was civil disobedience and nonviolence that brought about chance.

    trump has no understanding of history, and most importantly, who he is as person, he considers minorities and minority leaders to be losers. It is in his DNA, he can not change how he views them any more than he can change the color of his eyes.