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Is the Firing of Jeff Session imminent?

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    Today, Friday Jan 5th 2018, there rumors floating around in the political media that Jeff Sessions is about to be fired sometime during the next few days. This will allow trump to appoint someone (already chosen\vetted by personally by trump) to head the DOJ. The new AG's mandate is to shutdown the Mueller's investigation immediately, and\or assign a special AG to re-investigate past FBI cases related to clinton and other democrats.

    From what I read trump has legal authority to order the AG to do anything, including issue orders to fire mueller. The only things that could prevent him would be impeached, and trump is betting that it will not happen, and he is informing the GOP leaders this weekend what is about to happen, so they are not blindsided by it, even if they don't like it.

    What would you do if you were president and you, and your billion dollar corporation, had committed crimes that have ties to russia? Would you sit back and let continue Muller investigate when you've the legal power to have him fired and the investigation stopped in its tracks?

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    If the "system" works as it is supposed to work (ask Jared) then the "checks" and "balances" should prevent all these crazy things. However I think the "party" is just beginning.
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    I have eaten crow on more than one occasion concerning this President, but I have a hard time believing that he's about to fire Sessions. The shit storm that would bring about may be too much even for the most die hard Donald supporter in the Senate.

    The Senate is back in session (they never officially went on recess, which made it impossible for Donald to fire Sessions and appoint a replacement without Senate approval), so the Senate must approve any replacement if Donald goes down this path. Republicans have the slimmest majority imaginable (51-49) and the political battle to replace Sessions (if Donald does fire him) would make the Supreme Court battle to install Gorsuch look like child's play.

    What I think is far more likely is that Donald will move to replace Rosenstein by having his own "Saturday Night Massacre." He may order Rosenstein to shut down the investigation, which may or may not bring Rosenstein to resign in protest. Then he'll just go down the line until he finds his own Robert Bork.

    Democrats will raise hell, but they won't be able to do anything about it. Republicans will feign concern, but won't do anything about it because they want to protect their man. So if Donald goes down that path, the only thing that can guarantee the public will ever find out what actually happened in 2016 will be if Democrats get their act together in 2018 and take over the House or Senate (or both).

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    I guess this "child's play" will go on forever. The thing which may throw a wrench into this "well oiled machine" is the total stupidity to have an "meeting" set up between Trump and Mueller; which is the most stupid thing ever. It boils down to as example; inviting an criminal to the judges house for tea, before the court case starts. Is this country totally nuts?? Exchanging pleasantries and compliments can only be the outcome. Don't forget Mueller is an Republican as well an Republican President. Also if only "formal" written issues as determined by Trump's lawyers are allowed to be discussed; like "what Mueller only can investigate" is pure ridiculous. The objective of Trump's lawyers is of course to get the "heat" of Trump. So what is the purpose of such meeting, other than to curtail Muellers investigation. ( NO "collusion" by Trump?)