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East Coast "bomb cyclone" cold weather blast

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    Washington Post, January 2, 2018: ‘Bomb cyclone’ to blast East Coast before polar vortex uncorks tremendous cold late this week

    The eastern third of the United States has had some of the coldest weather in the past 10 days, but the worst is yet to come as a monster storm resembling a winter hurricane is forecasted to hammer coastal states as far south as Georgia with ice, blinding snow and damaging winds.

    Forecasters are calling it a “bomb cyclone” because its pressure is expected to fall very rapidly... an indicator of explosive strengthening. It could rank as one of the most intense over the New England states in decades.

    You can read the full WP article at the above link. My point in sharing this is that it is yet another storm following the year of devastating hurricanes. Statistically this would fit the pattern for climate change yet it will be dismissed by Republicans as just another storm. They'll even cite the intense cold as evidence against global warming.

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    The weather shouldn't be the top story on the evening news. Ever. It's a sad comment on the short attention span of a nation.
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    T.J. don't forget the homeless; they freeze to death. But yeah they are likely not "white christian superior" so who cares, Trump would say.
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    I'm sure Donald will send another tweet calling for some more global warming because the bumbling idiot doesn't understand the difference between climate and weather even though he has the best scientists in the world at his beck and call.