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Someone with an huge inferiority complex

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    Why - I alone can fix it.

    Bullshit all day every day. We should all go 10 days without mentioning the moron. Irrelevant.

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    He is always speaking to his faithful base. When he also often ends his monologues with "believe me", his base of supporters do just that...all the rest is fake news. There is a certain truth to one of his statements that he understands people better than anyone...except that it is just his people.
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    Trump was recently quoted as saying that his approval rating after one year in office was the same as Obama's at the same period of time.

    As the link below shows, though, is that his statement is nowhere near the truth. At the end of his first year in office, Obama's approval rating was roughly 55%. The LOWEST rating in his entire presidency was 40%.

    Until recently, Trump's approval rating, according to Gallup, was 34%. According to the Examiner yesterday, Trump's approval rating just INCREASED to 39%, which is still lower than Obama's worst approval rating. The fact that Obama and Hillary just captured "the most admired" title again for a bunch of consecutive years means that Trump's thin skin just got a little thinner.

    According to The American Presidency Project, Obama's approval rating on January 20 of last year was 59% (the same as Eisenhower's rating) , a level that Trump will never achieve. What I find especially interesting about this survey is that Harry Truman wound up with a 32% approval rating, but is now ranked as one of the best presidents (#6) that we have ever had.