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    I just finished reading “Eisenhower 1956”, by David Nichols. It is a book that I would recommend reading.

    It covers the time period from Eisenhower’s heart attack in 1955 through his State of the Union address in January 1957. Between those two events are the 1956 invasion of Hungary by the Russians, and the 1956 invasion of Egypt by Israel, France, and England. The latter event occurred 9 days before the 1956 presidential election, and resulted in the transfer of the peacekeeper role in the Middle East from England to the United States> It also led to the Eisenhower Doctrine of 1957.

    Eisenhower was a cautious, intelligent, and courageous president, which is why he is rated the 5th best president in our country’s history. Sadly, those adjectives describe very few people in today’s Republican Party, ESPECIALLY Donald Trump, who will be eventually rated #45 in the presidential evaluations.

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    He is responsible for the Interstate Highway System. THE DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER INTERSTATE HIGHWAY SYSTEM. The beginnings of Interstate Highway System, as we know it today, can be traced to the summer of 1919, when LTC Dwight D. Eisenhowerserved as an observer to the first transcontinental convoy.