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Omarosa, You're fired, Again!

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    Be careful about assuming\concluding too much about her firing.

    This very well could be a reality TV stunt, much like how she was used when she was on The Apprentice. When she was on the Apprentice, she did some very underhanded things (lying, deceiving, etc) to undermine her competition, and ultimately she was (so-called) fired for it. But what most people don't know was that she did those things at the behalf the producers\trump. While not scripted, it was planned in advance by producers, so be leery about anything she might say once she is out of the WH; what she says\does is likely to be with trump's full approval\knowledge. Her public persona is to be an unpredictable, irrational, and unethical "black woman" that seeks revenge when things don't go her way. Sound familiar of anyone else?

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    Thanks wwjd -- I hadn't followed here "career" and didn't even know she existed until she was supposedly fired by Kelly. But seeing her on TV she didn't seem that genuine or sincere to me...a phony of sorts. Rather it seemed she was putting out teasers for a future "tell all" book she plans to write. If she is in cahoots with Trump on some kind of deal then the book can be a big disappointment.

    I just didn't see how she warranted a salary of $180,000 in the White House unless perhaps she has "something" on Trump. What exactly was her job, and what exactly were her qualifications? Loyalty to Trump?

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    She's a female version of trump and has been on trump's team for over 10 years. She is aggressive, doesn't have problems fabricating facts\info on behalf of trump, and generally does not have any ethics. Like trump, the only thing that matter is winning, and being loyal to liked minded people (trump) who can advance her career. Don't be surprised if she gave him a BJ or anything else he might have requested to help advance her career. Hell, she would argue, that 3 minutes increased her net worth by 250K per year, and she has no problems with their deal. She is playing by Men's rules, and taking full advantage of it. aka "Get with the program ladies, you've been giving your husband or boyfriend that stuff for free; why not use it to advance your career?"... is advice she would give like minded women who don't have a problem with trading sexual favors for career advancement opportunities.

    Her tell all book is extremely likely will be pro-trump, and the bad guys will be those who trump as already targeted as being disloyal. Easily see Sean Spicer, James Comey, Jeff Sessions, and many other former staffers as being leakers and liars, plotting against trump. Best I can predict would be a book that trump would write himself, so think of what trump would say in a tell-all-book, that is pretty much what Omarosa would write. High probably trump will write the intro (ghost writer of course), and the book is dedicated to his greatness.

    What we saw in the news yesterday was a stunt (imho), otherwise she would not be back in the WH today, and trump would be tweeting shit about her.

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    More distractions. This country needs to stop talking about him unless he does something newsworthy. This insane carnival is not worth conversation. He wants everyone to wonder what's next. So far a whole lot of nothing.