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    America has lost its soul to the Gods of War, Hate and Greed and all those Americans worshipping these gods can go to hell for that is exactly where they belong since they have been turning the planet into a living hell.

    One can only hope that the God of the Jews has improved his skills for protecting his people since his people's enemies out number them big time and they are also surrounded by those whose families have been slaughtered, maimed and so cruelly, unjustly and unfairly treated by those followers of that Jewish sky god of the dark side.

    Trump is on a rampage to destroy America's protected lands and hand them over to the polluters and frackers. His kids want to bring home elephant heads with them - sociopathic, soulless, evil degenerates - the whole damn bunch of them. It is time the people rose up as one and destroy that corrupt, destructive, warmongering Oligarchy that these evil creeps have created.

    The Supreme Court will continue to uphold Trump's fascist dictates because the Supreme Court has now got 5 corrupt, corporate fascist ideologues on it.

    After a year of Trump and his corrupt, fascist government it is hard to believe that millions of Americans still support this evil man. Every nation on earth has a small group of extremists but one can only be shocked at the number of fascists in this country and the truth is one cannot be a fascist and an American since that is not possible.

    Reagan created the foundation for the Oligarchy that has destroyed our Republic and the Republicans have created an Oligarchy that has allowed 1% of Americans to obtain most of the nations wealth while working Americans haven't has a wage increase in over a generation.

    Trump has become the planets most successful death dealer by selling billions in weapons all over the world, in other words, promoting an arms race is very profitable for the Military Industrial Complex and nothing better illustrates how totally devoid of values, principles and ideals America's government has become then this warmongering, war criminal arms dealer.

    Trump's appointees are all determined to use a sledge hammer to erase, destroy and eliminate every law and regulation meant to protect the American people from the criminal, destructive and harmful activities of the Robber Barons and Global Corporations/Capitalists.

    The U.S. Oligarchy has just passed a 700 billion war budget and has already spent 7 trillion on endless war crimes in 12 countries and have turned these countries into piles of rubble, slaughtered and maimed millions of innocent souls and created millions of refugees and everyone in the U.S Congress that is voting to fund these war crimes is a war criminal.

    The FCC wants to turn over the Internet to the Robber Barons/Global Corporations/Capitalists and has already nullified a law preventing the Robber Barons from owning all the communications stations in one area.

    The Drug Corporations are allowed to kill more citizens then illegal drugs do because these Robber Barons have bought a lot of Robber Baron Stooges in the U.S. Congress and these Stooges obviously don't give a damn how many thousands of American citizens die each year and the NRA feels exactly the same way about their weapons.

    The US Oligarchy has supported the Military Industrial Complex for generations and the only way to stop the wars, fraud and waste in that MIC is to get back our Republic and the best way to do that is to destroy Capitalism which is the economic system that created that Oligarchy

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    Yes Connie; You said it as it is. However people here have the "island" blinders on and have no idea what is going on. Like I said in many of my threads this country will end up like Rome, Napoleon, Hitler etc. Empires come and go. That is the message. It is now the downfall due to the arrogance of certain people as well as its 1800's laws and non-proper laws on this island. Corruption and greed will kill it.