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Flim Flam Tax Plan

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    America's favorite flim flam boy managed to flim flam all those Republicans into giving him millions more in tax breaks each year at the expense of the American people and since those Republicans were so desperate to pay off their campaign contributors for the next decade at a cost of a trillion and a half deficit this incrediably expensive flim flam bill was easy to accomplish and pass, of course looking at this tax bill from another point of view one can only conclude that all those Republicans in the U.S. Congress are nothing more than a gang of bribe taking criminals and every damn one of them belongs in jail for turning our Republic into a greedy, corrupt Oligarchy.

    There are other really rotten things in this rotten bill; like oil drilling in the Artic, removing 20 million Americans from the health care rolls and also creating the circumstances that will send health care premiums through the roof.

    Do these greedy Republicans really believe they can get away with such a rotten, corrupt tax bill? I guess since most Americans refuse to vote they just may.

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    Connie, Don't worry this country has not seen the worst yet; that is still to come. Why? because "education" is lacking in this country; especially in the "rural" area's. Also because this is an "island" in this world and its refusal to "accept" or "copy" things from other countries where things do work ; like "tax systems" geared to everyone; not only for the rich as well paid for "education" and "healthcare" which is not run by lobbyists, or have elections which are run by "money" and "super pacs" and antique laws alone. Votes don't count in this country!!