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Trump's competition

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    Since Donald Trump was declared unfit for the office of president by virtually every major newspaper in the country last fall, it is inevitable that his historical ranking is going to be very poor.

    The link below will take you to a list of the 5 most notorious presidents in our country’s history. Although all of them have some faults that are similar to Trump’s faults, Richard Nixon is probably the closest in term of character defects. Nixon was known for his “dirty tricks”, and Trump has used a lot of them already, ESPECIALLY his collusion with Russia. Mitch McConnell has also used a lot of dirty tricks, and they did not start with his treatment of Merrick Garland, since he essentially declared war on Obama the night of the election in 2008.

    On the historical rankings of president of the United States by C-Span (as reported by CBS News) Nixon is ranked #28, Jackson is ranked at #13, Buchanan is ranked 43, Harding is ranked at #40, and Andrew Johnson is ranked 42.

    On the same survey, Lincoln is ranked #1, followed by Washington, FDR, Eisenhower, and Theodore Roosevelt. The real surprise is Harry Truman, who comes in #6, despite having a 20% approval rating when he left office.

    Not surprisingly, George W. ranks fairly low (33) while his dad comes in at #20. To us liberals, it is no surprise that Obama is ranked #12, but the folks who are regular viewers of FOX will never believe that status no matter what you say.

    Presidents ranked from worst to best - CBS News

    Historical rankings published by Wikipedia is similar to the list above, but there are some slight differences.

    Historical rankings of presidents of the United States ...

    There is no doubt in my mind that Trump will be ranked at #45, since he is absolutely the WORST president we have ever had, and he certainly is the most corrupt. Ironically, I have met Trump voters who voted for him because “the system is corrupt”. In their mind, electing the most corrupt politician in our history will somehow fix the corruption. If you analyze virtually all of his nominations, it is clear that he has brought a lot of alligators into the swamp.

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    I'd like to correct your last sentence in your new thread, instead of alligators in the swamp, I say it should read "bottom feeders", because that's what each and every one of his appointees are, bottom feeders, they pick up Trump's droppings.