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Police Brutality needs to stop!

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    Schmidt Wrote: Yes Joe's speech today from Pittsburgh was a good one. He hit back at Trump on several issues. Lots of clips on TV this evening. On the point about going to Kenosha, though, I think he should respect the governor and mayor and stay away until things quiet down. The governor and mayor didn't want Trump there because he would politicize the event when the community is trying to cool off. Joe's presence might also be seen as political, the same as Trump's presence.


    Despite the pleas from the governor and the mayor, Trump is planning to go to Kenosha - strictly to bolster his claim that "we need more law and order", a theme that worked for Nixon in 1968.

    Rather than call for calm, Mr. Trump has cheered on his own supporters to wade into the furor in the streets, setting up collisions that have led to even more violence. Kyle H. Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old who attended a Trump rally, showed up at a demonstration in Kenosha wielding a military-style rifle and was later charged with homicide after two protesters were shot to death.

    On Monday, the president cast Mr. Rittenhouse’s alleged actions as self-defense. “He probably would have been killed,” Mr. Trump said.

    Today's Arizona Republic mentioned that a group of Republican students at ASU has started a legal defense fund for Rittenhouse.

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    He plans to fly Tuesday to Kenosha, Wis., uninvited and unwelcome by local authorities in a state pivotal to the November election, to condemn what he calls “left-wing mobs” that are “marauding through our cities.” In his goal to cement his desired image as a “law-and-order president,” he will meet with the police and tour businesses damaged by rioting.

    As of Monday evening, however, Mr. Trump had no plans to meet with the family of Jacob Blake, an unarmed Black man shot in the back seven times in front of his children, prompting the latest uproar. For that matter, the president has yet to even speak Mr. Blake’s name in public, much less comment on his case other than to say, when questioned, that the shooting captured on video “was not a good sight.”

    Mr. Trump has had plenty to say about the eruption of street violence that followed as he blames it on Democrats, including former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., and injects it directly into the presidential campaign. He has tried to make protests and riots his central issue, distracting from the coronavirus pandemic that continues to kill roughly 1,000 Americans every day.

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    The Kenosha News published an incendiary headline (later corrected) that caused one of its reports to resign in protest.

    “Kenosha speaker: ‘If you kill one of us, it’s time for us to kill one of yours.’”

    By noon Sunday, the headline had been changed on the Kenosha News site. It now reads: “Kenosha speaker strays from message at rally.”

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    In speech Monday in Pittsburgh, Biden fired back at Trump, accusing him of being a threat to the safety of all Americans by stoking racial divisions in a bid to boost his reelection campaign.

    "I look at this violence and I see lives and communities and the dreams of small businesses being destroyed," Biden said. "Donald Trump looks at this violence and he sees a political lifeline."

    In his speech, Biden mentioned he spoke to Blake's family last week. The White House said Trump is not scheduled to meet with Blake's family. At a news conference Monday, Trump said he spoke with a family pastor, but did not speak to Blake's family because they wanted a lawyer to be present on the call. Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Blake's family, said in a statement that Trump spoke with the pastor of Blake's mother, Julia Jackson, but did not want to have a call if her legal team was monitoring.

    Biden did not outline new policies during his Pittsburgh speech, instead focusing on making a broader condemnation of Trump. He called the president a danger to those suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, to anyone in search of a job or struggling to pay rent, to voters worried about Russian interference in the upcoming election and to those worried about their own safety amid unrest.

    “Donald Trump wants to ask the question: Who will keep you safer as president? Let’s answer that question,” Biden said. “When I was vice president, violent crime fell 15 percent in this country. We did it without chaos and disorder.”

    Pointing to a nationwide homicide rate rising 26 percent this year, Biden asked, “Do you really feel safer under Donald Trump?”

    He went on: “If I were president today, the country would be safer. And we’d be seeing a lot less violence.”

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    If you'll excuse the crudity of Army talk, Trump stepped on his dick in Kenosha yesterday.

    Trump was in Kenosha to change the subject from coronavirus and the stumbling economy to the idea that somehow the unrest in cities is the fault of Democrats, and to hammer home his message that he will be the candidate of “law and order.”

    That message didn’t necessarily play well with people there. Trump wanted a photo-op in front of a burned-out camera shop, but the owner, Tom Gram, refused to participate because he said Trump was using his tragedy for his own political gain. “I think everything he does turns into a circus and I just didn’t want to be involved in it,” Gram said. He was surprised when Trump nonetheless showed up with the previous owner of the store, and implied it was still his. “I just appreciate President Trump coming today, everybody here does,” the former owner said. “We’re so thankful we got the federal troops here. Once they got here things did calm down quite a bit.” Gram’s response? “I think he needs to bring this country together rather than to divide it.”

    The idea that the unrest in cities is the fault of Democrats is a hard sell, because of course Trump, not Joe Biden, is currently president, and it is terribly hard to show images of today’s America and warn that what someone is seeing is what will happen in the future if a different president takes office.

    The visit did not garner the news attention it might otherwise have done, first because of the story from last night’s interview by Laura Ingraham of the president, in which he alleged that a plane full of “thugs” wearing “black uniforms” were secretly directing Biden. This is apparently a reworking of an online rumor from June that suggested “Antifa” was coming to rural towns.


    Reminds me of black helicopters and tin foil hats .....

    Here is the TRUE story from NBC:

    Here is the story from faux "news":

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    Yes, it's true, a black american did say, it's time now if you take out one of us, it's time to take out one of you, he has an attitude problem and his anger is misdirected, perhaps he's forgotten the the African American's beef was/is really with law enforcement agencies and not regular white people because we white folks truly believe that their civil rights ARE and HAVE been trampled upon by the law. We need change now. We needed change yesterday too.

    About the former owner of Rhodes Camera here in Kenosha, he claimed that he mis-heard what white house officials said to him about him being the owner of the shop. Even though he agreed to join trumps dog and pony show in front of the burned out property. The guy was the owner of the building housing Rhodes Camera, but not the business itself. His building is a total loss (insurance money please) As for the camera shop owner, who leased the building for his business, his business is a total loss too.

    BTW, Kenosha has become a cesspool infiltrated with the Proud Boys, a domestic white supremacist terrorist group, and maybe many more undesirable bottom feeders. A hippie lookin' dude came into a local tobacco store yesterday holding a pistol in his hand, he was driving a grey truck with a Boucher auto group license tag on it and said don't worry, it's legal for me to carry this where I'm from. WTF? so, it's okay to come to Kenosha and wave a gun around. I'm really concerned about being safe in this city now, when people, who may not even be from Wisconsin can come here and wave a gun around. This is fucked up.

    If you look at pictures posted on the Kenosha News website, you'll see white people setting fire to a city garbage truck, the ATF is looking for them now and asking for tips.

    Yesterday, we saw a black truck with the words "Black Guns Matter" written on it. This getting ridiculous folks.

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    Joe Biden went to Kenosha yesterday, but his visit was exactly the opposite from Trump's. A speech by a woman at a local church made the difference between the two candidates absolutely clear.

    Before going to the church, Biden met with relatives of Jacob Blake at the Milwaukee airport. His family had refused to meet with Trump.

    Anyone in Kenosha that is still voting for Trump is an absolute fool.

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    About 93 percent of the racial-justice protests that swept the United States this summer remained peaceful and nondestructive, according to a report released Thursday, with the violence and property damage that has dominated political discourse constituting only a minute portion of the thousands of demonstrations that followed the killing of George Floyd in May.

    The report, produced by the nonprofit Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project, also concluded that an escalation in the government response to protests and a sharp uptick in extremist activity means the United States faces a growing risk of “political violence and instability” ahead of the 2020 election.

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    Trump got 52% of the Catholic vote in 2016, but that won't happen again in 2020.

    The Catholic Reporter has called Trump "morally unserious"

    Donald Trump went to Kenosha, Wisconsin, this week to "survey the property damage" according to a White House transcript. He spoke a lot about law and order and very little about justice, as if the concepts are not necessarily related. To him, they probably are not.

    Trump's opponent in the upcoming election, former Vice President Joe Biden, is a morally serious person. He delivered an important speech this week in which he confronted the canard that he was indifferent to the looting that has accompanied some otherwise peaceful protests. "I want to be clear about this: Rioting is not protesting," Biden said. "Looting is not protesting. Setting fires is not protesting. None of this is protesting — it's lawlessness — plain and simple. And those who do it should be prosecuted." That certainly was clear enough, even for a Fox News host!