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TIME- Person of the Year

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:


    When I read TIME's explanation of the Trump pick last year, I noticed that the main criteria seemed to be that they picked the.person who had the most influence on world news during the year.

    As noted above, they don't always pick nice people

    Stalin was actually selected twice

    Last year"s article made it clear that they did.not like Trump very much.

    Thanks for addressing my original question. What you explained was my general understanding, which does mean objectively a person who does the worst can get the award.

    Objectively, it would appear that trump has a lock on it. If I were one of the staff at TIME that as a vote, I would recuse myself from casting a vote, because if I were to vote I have to vote for trump, and I could not bring myself to do that. Normally I would not have a problem voting for someone who has such an negative impact, but with trump, it would feed into his ego even further, and he would feel further empowered to damage more peoples lives.

    If TIME does select him, as others have already suggested, it should be done in such a way that reflects he represents something harmful to America and to the world. Maybe put a caricature drawing of trump on the cover rather than his picture, something that clearly is unflattering to trump; an image that makes him feel insulted\mocked. Although TIME would never print these exact words, have a cover caption akin to "The Man who fucked over America, and blamed the victims for it"

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    I just read the TIME magazine about Elon Musk.

    Should he pay more money in taxes?


    Does he have trouble with relationships?


    Is he hard to work for?


    Has he made the world a better place?


    In all, he has started 8 companies.

    Two of them, Tesla and Solar City, can (and have) make a significant improvement in our climate.

    PayPal has made easier for all of us to make financial transactions.

    Space X will allow NASA to put people on the moon for the first time since 1972,and will save American taxpayers a LOT of money.

    Your may not agree with TIME's choice of Musk as the Person of the Year, but after reading the article in TIME, I think that they made a wise choice.

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    Elon Musk's growing empire is fueled by $4.9 billion in government subsidies - Los Angeles Times (

    However, according to Forbes, his net worth is $274 billion.

    Musk knows how to create real wealth, unlike Trump who knows how to manipulate people and systems into thinking he has created wealth. Trump contributions to society amount to nothing -- a cult that has had a negative impact on life and society. Musk's contributions are all positive.

    I don't have any problem with the choice, but I do wonder how it compares with say a Dr. Fauci or the scientists collectively that created the vaccines.

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    Sure, laughable; does this guy do any good for the world? Tesla's and their batteries are "polluting" also once they are on the scrapheap. Being in TX with his buddy Abbott and being fond of Trump makes this an Russia like society, where the "rich" know no "limits" for their wealth and the "poor " stay poor and certainly can't afford "Tesla's".

    He is absolutely not an "example" for an "better" country. As long as we stick to smoking school busses and diesel trucks, then nothing changes much. Global warming is here to stay, because "humans" will keep using all kinds of resources which "pollutes", like "plastics" and cutting trees; factories will also keep on polluting; solar panels are just an "drop" in the this polluted world bucket.

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    Well Dutch. Yes certainly, just about everything we make or do is polluting. If we can't have electric cars or fossil fuel cars to get around, what is your solution? Recycling batteries will be in the future. I would rather have battery operated trucks and school buses than the current polluters. And the quicker, the better. So yes, this guy does good for the world.
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    Welcome to the USA. Transportation on cars is in-efficient, especially in an country which refuses to update in "high speed rail" to all kind of locations. Traffic "jamb's" can be prevented by having "electric" Trams, like they use in the cities inEurope as well more "metro" trains. The piling up of ships which can't be unloaded because of our transportation system is an example of due to the poor "logistics" here, can't cope with it, having overworked "drivers" who then causes crashes and get then jailed for life. Sorry this country is "nuts" and backwards. We rather make the "rich" richer, than invest in REAL infrastructure and uniform logistics systems. Built more harbors and efficient rail as well strategic transfer drop off locations throughout the country and manage the "flow" properly. Here it is "company" this and " company "that"; not anything coherent or using the same "computer logic". Sorry but this country has now clearly proven that it is an soiled patched "blanket" of 50 States who all do their "own" things; especially the "red" States who run their own show. All of this has effect on "transportation" as well logistics. Yes this is an large country, but its systems are "arrogant" and "self centered" and made to please a few who can make money of it, by keeping the whole "pie" for themselves. The same applies to Musk; he's just there for himself. All of this was bound to happen, because of lack of oversight of the Fed's and the "infighting" and "power grabs" like an Manchin and others do. They are supposed to represent us, but act if they are still in "kindergarten". Sorry people, the "chaos" is here to stay , unless we get an "leader" who sets things straight and does not gets bogged down due to the outdated system of having just 2 parties as well not up to date laws and way too many "money" hungry lawyers. Yes the truth hurts, but I guess due to the mentality here nothing will change. Let's have another January 6th; the new "normal" here. Happy New Year!!!!!