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Obama to visit Macron

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    Paris (AFP) -

    Emmanuel Macron will host former US president Barack Obama for lunch on Saturday, the French leader's office said, as Paris pursues a tricky diplomatic strategy with his successor Donald Trump.

    The lunch at Macron's Elysee Palace residence -- in a "private" capacity, the presidency said Thursday -- will come as Obama visits Paris to speak to Les Napoleons, a network of communications professionals.

    Macron, 39, sought to channel Obama's "hope and change" message during his youthful campaign for the presidency, focusing on mobilising grassroots support for his upstart centrist movement En Marche.

    The Democrat ex-president gave his official backing to Macron in an online video in May, three days before the second round of the election in which Macron roundly beat far-right rival Marine Le Pen.

    Macron also posted an online video of himself speaking on the phone with Obama receiving advice during the campaign.

    Macron, who has already waded into a string of international crises as he seeks to build his stature on the world stage, faces a tough balancing act with Obama's unpredictable successor Trump.

    Macron rolled out the red carpet for Trump in July, hosting him as guest of honour for Bastille Day celebrations when he sought -- unsuccessfully -- to change the US leader's mind on pulling out of the Paris climate change agreement.

    But Trump has not been invited to the December 12 climate summit in Paris, unlike 100 other leaders, and Macron has also said he wants to save the Iranian nuclear deal despite Trump's opposition

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    Really like this young man. He and the Canadian leader give me some hope. I would love to see Mr. Obama contribute in various ways.
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    Kekistani Emissary Wrote: Also, Obama had better be careful lest he find himself on the wrong side on a Logan Act prosecution.

    He is already under double secret probation according to trump, and blacklisted from being on the Celebrity Apprentice.

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    Much to our relief, Emanuel Macron jus got re-elected.

    Mr. Macron became the first French president since 2002 to win a second term, with 58.5 percent of the runoff vote, against 41.5 percent for the right-wing challenger, Marine Le Pen, according to final results from the Interior Ministry. It was a greater margin of victory than predicted by polls after the first round of voting two weeks ago.

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    Yes Schmidt and myself wrote about that. However I don't want to sound negative but as long as the US has the Trump party still "brainwashed" of which France "copied" with Le Pen, then we are not out of the woods by a long shot.

    As long as there is no unity in this country, then there will also no unity in the world around us.

    It is time that the people get "educated" about what is "true" and what is "false" and what is "indoctrination". Plenty of people here on the "right" are still indoctrinated and stick to it, because they are "stuck" to the "wrong" channels which the media is allowed to have. As long as there is "unlimited" freedom of speech then certain "figures" in our society will abuse it for personal gains. Especially in the "country side" they prey on these people who are isolated from the real world around us. Any society without "limits" is bound to fail.

    I blame the teachers and the schools as well the churches that they refrain from teaching the "reality" of life on this earth.

    Mis-information due to our present day "tools" as well the "loads" of media torpedoed in peoples heads makes this country and the world an "overloaded" mis-informed mess. Certain"people" take advantage of it. Our Constitution is not representing 2022 and its way of life; neither the "case" laws are up to date or the "amendments". Our "government" is an example of how not to do it. Neither the individual States who lost their minds.

    The Ukraine shows that people are just "ants" which can be eradicated at wish, so don't act like ants and always follow the "leader". The Russian"system" shows exactly how you can make the people "ants" without brains.

    It could be an beautiful world, if all people would not let greedy ego "idiots" float to the top and "vote" with your "brains" instead of your ass. Amen