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tax fraud

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    Trump is bsing all over the place when he says that the American people will get $4,000 in wage increases and thousands in tax cuts and yet he refuses to increase that poverty minimum wage of $7.25 . Trump is a pathological liar and anyone who still believes this con artist needs a brain transplant.

    Any American who may have lingering doubts about what kind of government they have will find those doubts disappear into thin air by looking at that monstrosity the Republicans have cooked up that they call the tax cut bill and its main goal is to award those Republican Robber Baron Stooges campaign contributors and anyone voting for this rotten, corrupt tax bill hates the people but loves their corporate masters and these Republicans leave no doubt that America has become a war criminal, war mongering, corrupt, lawless, criminally dysfunctional Oligarchy and all patriotic Americans should do everything in their power to destroy this Oligarchy for only then can American regain her Republic.

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    Yes Connie; I'm afraid that the end is not near yet; all the mess in the present government will continue as always. Trump is breaking all the laws, but no one blinks. The GOP walks behind him like an obedient dog on the leash. Thus this Titanic will certainly hit the iceberg eventually, but what will happen then?. At least the "crooks" and "slimeballs" will be saved and disappear in their private jets or yachts. Only an civil war or revolution can save this country; or change and review all our laws or make new laws as well properly "vet" persons to be qualified for the jobs and anti corruption laws in elections and government. No more lobbying, nor "money" or Pac's in elections (only limited private money to a certain level) Etc.