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Goodbye Black Friday

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    I said I was not going shopping on Black Friday but was forced to go out mid morning to pick up an essential at Walmart. I was surprised at the light traffic and lots of parking spaces at the store. I walked in, got what I needed and checked out quickly. No lines. That experience was repeated in the afternoon at Target. In and out quickly with the parking lot only somewhat fuller than usual. I was not alone in that observation as this journalist for Business Insider noted.

    "I went to see for myself how the crowds compared with what I remembered from those on Black Fridays past in my childhood in the 1990s. I found a meager line outside waiting for the mall to open, and even fewer people outside Target and Best Buy."

    On the other hand, Cyber Monday will probably be a big bonanza for Jeff Bezos and Amazon. No lines at the cash registers there. And no angry mobs waiting to push the door down.

    The free market forces are at work, and I'm sorry for the loss of retail jobs. But I heard business is thriving not only at Amazon but also UPS and FedEx. And maybe soon drone deliveries.

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    My first and last black Friday began and ended in El Paso Texas a few years back at BestBuy.

    Waited outside for doors to open, went and stood in line at electronics ordering department, to buy a TV, after one hour, I finally got a sales clerk, placed my order, paid for it and waited for them to pull it from stock, another hour went by, no TV yet. I took my ticket to the service desk and was told they were sold out of that one, but was offered one better than the one I bought. Okay, I accepted and got the heck outa that place, it was like a zoo. It took 2 hours to get to El Paso, and 2 hours back home, but I did find and snag a $5 bill flying through the parking lot.

    No more black Fridays for me.

    This year: The day before thanksgiving, I did a pre black Friday internet buy, my package arrived on Monday, keep in mind I got 50% off, I opened the package to find they shipped both items wrong, it wasn't what I ordered, not even close. I'm awaiting my refund, the package was sent back Tuesday and should arrive today, it will take 24-48 hours for them to acknowledge my return and up to two weeks for a refund, oh brother. Yeah, I reordered but at Amazon this time, they rarely screw up an order.

    Amazon recently ordered a few Cessna cargo planes. Maybe they'll put UPS, FEDEX and USPS out of business and start delivering their own packages?

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    Mao-Mart previously took a page from Amazon's playbook. Then they noticed sales in their stores took a hit so they raised online prices to try to drive customers back to their bricks and mortar. Meantime Amazon is building more bricks and mortar. The two systems are colliding. Look for labor and small towns to get crushed by them.