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Justin Santopietro for VA's 9th US Congressional District

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    An MMT'er is running for Congress. His name is Justin Santopietro.

    He was formerly a staffer in the US Senate and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You could call him a legislative affairs expert.

    He's no light weight. He understands how the government works, what its limitations are, and the great difficulty in making good policy come out of the swamp.

    He has one of best campaign websites I've ever seen, with detailed progressive policy proposals.

    He would be the most progressive member of Congress, and it's leading tax cutter for working people.

    He would face incumbent representative Republican Morgan Griffith in the general should he win the Democratic party nomination. Griffith is an extreme Tea Party Republican.

    Justin is an anti-austerity warrior combining Bernie-like gov't spending initiatives with aggressive tax cuts for working people that put the so-called Tax Enough Already (TEA) party people to shame.

    His campaign is truly a litmus test for political MMT and whether an anti-austerity and factual campaign based on how federal fiscal and monetary operations actually work can win elections against the Deficit Terrorist fear mongers.

    My hope is you will find a way to support his campaign.

    Please check out his campaign website:

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    Hopefully he's a great choice. The link looks good. A man with his dog. What more could you ask for. I hope he does well.
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    It's an uphill battle. Morgan (the incumbent) beat his Democratic opponent in the 2016 election by 40 points (68.6 % to 28.3 %) in Virginia's 9th Congressional District.
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    Republicans have never faced a tax cutting MMT Democrat.