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Morning Joe vs Fox and Friends

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    I watch Morning Joe on a semi-regular basis and have only watched Fox and Friends a rare few times (cough, cough, cough).

    One thing both have in common is that they are extremely biased, but polar oppsites.

    This morning both shows were discussing the possibility for investing Hillary Clinto. MJ rehashed what I think is obvious, trump wants a distraction from all the crap falling down on him and does not care about anything else. F&F were stating how clearly guilty she was, so guilty she could she could go on a mass killing spree, and everyone in DC would protect her, except for the only truly honest and trust worthy person in DC, the amazing incredible president trump that has yet to do anything wrong!

    My take way from F&F is that trump is a hero that is 99% perfect. His only flaw is that he tweets slightly too much, but from their perspective his one minor flaw is nothing compared to all the great things he is doing for this country.

    MJ won't let trump off the hook for anything. If he says his wife is good looking, MJ's panel spins it to mean that women who are not super models, are ugly and he won't have his picture taken with them. They are not SNL or the Daily Show, so they need to back off a bit and stay with harder news.

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    I'm not a fan of either, especially after Morning Joe bent over backwards to suck up to Donald during the Republican primary. At least Fox & Friends is blatant about where they stand and doesn't even try to show otherwise.

    I stopped watching all news (and TV in general) in the mornings quite awhile ago and it was a great decision. My wife and I usually start our mornings off by listening to quiet music before she heads off to work and then I turn on NRR's "Morning Edition" after she leaves so I can get caught up on the news before I start my workday.

    What I realized is that morning "news" shows on cable television are anything but. Some people like it, but I've grown tired of the constant screaming matches!

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    Me, 1/2 hour of Chicago local, and 15 minutes of GMA then onto more important things,

    At democratichub, sometimes I just read posts and not post anything, I like seeing differences of opinions.

    Why watch too much news and comment, it's usually all bad anyways. My local rag, the Kenosha News recently reported that 52 dogs living in squalor were rescued from a local resident, now the dogs are being cared for by safe harbor animal rescue, some good news.

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    Far right media ranges from television to radio. There's print media and internet sites. The entire scene is like a million "points of light" for conservative folks or even for those near the center to go to for a drink of water. I see them as an annoyance or a freakish cult but at the same time I respect that it seems like a coordinated effort.

    We have no such thing. It constitutes an effective method of communication. We would be well served if MSNBC didn't try to get all fans but to push a center left position and ultimately become an opposing voice to the Fox garbage.

    A coordinated left and/or center left vehicle should not only exist but should be sold in many ways to become a home of opposing views.

    So far to go.

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    When I was on the road right after Obama was elected, just about every radio station I could receive on my radio traveling everywhere in America, all I could receive, beside garbage music, was conservative talk radio, with Rush Limpbag as the talker, and oh how he lambasted Obama. Liberal and progressive radio is seriously lacking on the air waves. Thankfully, now, I can listen to WCPT radio, progressive talk any time I want to, which is close to heaven for me. This post isn't spam, I'm posting a link to WCPT incase any members here want to listen over the internet.