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Donna Brazile

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    I am not going to defend her, but to play devil advocate

    If the Democrats followed their strategy to stay away from red states until voters in those states got sick of wack0 republicans, today Roy Moore would be sitting in the Senate because democrats would have let republicans win that seat. In this case Democrats didn't wait because they saw a rare opening that was barely 50/50 in term of chance of winning. People in Alabama were not sick of republicans, they barely disliked Moore just enough not to elect him.

    I shall agree that in theory, Democrats should have let the state go to Moore, because as long as he was in the Senate, he would be a high profile republican face that clearly represents racism, homophobia, and anti-semitic, etc. Instead of gaining 1 seat, Senator Moore could be used to cost the republicans far more in the years to come. This of course is just political strategic theory, which never works out perfectly if it works at all.

    Tradition republicans are very happy with the results. Trump republican's beleive that both democrats, republicans, and the fake media, met in secret on dark rainy night, deep underground, and conspired to frame Moore with fake charges about doing sex crimes with underage