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The Mercer family and their interests

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    These people are very dangerous idealogues . If you know anything about history , these are the most evil kind of humans that exist. Butchers murder and plunder and savages kill without a thought. But these kind of evil , they exterminate.

    Fascism is corporate ownership of government. Aristocrats are oligarchs. Blah blah blah. These people are pure evil.

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    What they are doing ,is they are hijacking an entire religion and they are infiltratedby every part of our society ,like a cancer . They are in every family, they are in every school every local government every state government. With their pleas for God. They don't even hide it. They would make our laws compatible with biblical nonsense they admitted as much. They are animals. The Mercer's are enemies of mankind.
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    No Jared; the Bernie thing did not do it. It was Hillary and the Wasserman woman who forced the DNC via "money" to push her forward; Donna Brazil said so in her book. The DNC was nearly broke; Hillary via her fundraising etc. helped the DNC and wanted "something" back. Thus Jared your Hilary as well the past of the Clintons was not very "clean" either. So as I said many times this whole country "smells" like rotten fish related to politics.
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    Republic? Verbal tap-dancing by Jefferson in particular and other founders in general.

    This was a revolution from above. The hoi polloi didn’t give a shit about being under the crown. Others actively supported the crown. The accidental aristoi to borrow from Jefferson were annoyed at not being represented while being taxed. The basis was economic just like the civil war 70 years later when the Southern aristoi feared losing the basis of their economy.

    No, the founders with the exception of Paine really didn’t give a shit about the people. But their writings were excellent agitprop to convince those they did not care about to join them in an experiment that they really couldn’t participate in due to a lack of wealth.

    Disparity in wealth is by far the most dangerous problem that faces a society in general and republics in particular.