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Meuller issues charges

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    TJ Wrote: His base is not a majority. They're faithful voters though. People have their individual views. Hopefully someone will suggest that voters can solve problems if they and their friends, cousins, neighbors, coworkers, and whomever else vote as well.
    Yes, the alt right is a political force democrats and independents will need to deal with in the future, but how? By trying to educate the old white conservative nut jobs? Whom already are set in their minds and ways?
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    Yes this country is doomed, because of the refusal to change or amend laws which do not fit the times. Therefore we have a zillion lawyers who all are busy getting rich to explain our half ass laws from 1800. Just give Presidents all kind of powers and protections which they should not have. No wonder that we have a con-man now who is untouchable because of the stupidity in this country, thinking that if you are President that you automatically because of an stupid oath are a decent man/woman. An oath means nothing if the laws are weak and don't fit the times.

    I'm afraid that we are stuck with a bunch of "mob" members who from now on have the power. Thus welcome to our "new" banana republic. Forget decency for quite a while; "corruption/incompetence" and "ignorance" will be the driving force for this country. Also it will disappear from the world stage; others will take over.

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    Prosecutors are asking a judge to revoke Manafort's bail/home monitoring release because of witness tampering. It's a serious charge, trying to get witnesses to lie for you or others involved in a federal investigation.