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What do you Think: Is this subtle racism or just stupidy

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    There is no way to know the true underlineing motivation of the artist. What immediately struck me is brown character is smack center and the only brown character with more than a couple dozen characters that all are the same color (Yellow).

    Artists sometimes love to include their spin in subtle ways that often go unnoticed. And sometimes they do it make a point.

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    Probably stupidity, maybe racism. I have an idea, why don't they just photograph a bowl of the crap and put that on the box? That might be too easy though. What kind of parents feed their children this kind of crap anyways? What's wrong with oatmeal?
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    Crap like this is why so many people hate liberals. It's a damn cereal box. Who cares? (wwjd - I'm not saying your post is crap, I'm saying I get frustrated when pc culture liberals overreact to trivial things.)

    I'm more concerned about parents feeding their children dessert for breakfast than I am about a brown corn pop janitor not being a white corn pop janitor.

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    There's no explanation for him being different at all. Maybe a uniform. I am certain it was a racist tag that has been too common for far too long.

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    Donald Trump and I are the same age (only four months apart). We are both 71. Growing up in the 50s and 60s and 70s, there was a culture of sexism and racism that was more tolerated then. I am happy to see how we have evolved from the "locker room talk" of those decades to be more sensitive on race and gender issues in the 21st century, but will be the first to agree that the incremental progress has been uneven.

    Nevertheless, political correctness remains a struggle for many of my generation. I have friends and relatives who just cannot let go, and therefore can relate to Trump's brand. Certainly the abusive behavior of the "Harvey Weinsteins" or "Donald Trumps" of my generation should not have been tolerated even then, but for many other less onerous acts or words, the tendency then was to just brush it off. People just had thicker skins.

    What hits many hot buttons on the right is the sense that those on the left have become hyper sensitive to so many issues involving gender and race that people cannot function freely in society without being tagged and targeted in some way, especially at work. The cereal box above is an example of that.

    Having traveled and worked in overseas locations, the United States has progressed in political correctness more than many of those countries outside of Europe. But manners are easier to change than feelings. Trump taps into those hidden feelings.

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