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Insights into trump?

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    wwjd Wrote:
    Dutch Wrote: If things work out the right way, he'll have to do his business from jail. But yeah, due to the stupid laws in this country he can "pardon" himself and all of his family. So you may be right. The only hope I have is that he kills himself by keeping eating KFC chicken. What a country!

    LOL.... i'd like to see that happen as well.

    We need to be realistic, the best we will get is trump resigning in disgrace, and the country learn a huge lesson about the importance each VOTE really has. We should treat our vote as if it were a $1 million investment. Think about it, who in this country would have voted for trump if they were gambling 1 million of their personal money. HC would have got nearly every vote. Sure, people who despise her would hate writing her name down, but even the most wacko his base would have not gambled $1 million on trump. Even trump wouldn't vote for himself if he were to lose that amount of money.

    wwjd, How come in France the turnout to vote was more than 83%. We will never reach that number, because of our crazy election system, because your vote does not count. The Electoral College makes sure of that. Also the gerrymandering, voter suppression as well the "churches" play an huge role; don't forget the corruption as well with the Super Pac's and billions of money which totally corrupts the system. Thus my message always was: it is the "system" here which people we elect refuse to change or to copy other countries where elections are done straight forward without all the dirty tricks as well billions of money. Yes an self inflicted wound. The patient is near death with so many self inflicted wounds.