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    What I found interesting is his perspective on trump and his base. For trump, and those who think like he does (his base), "truth is what you believe" so when trump says "Its fake news.." is not because he has facts to back up what he says, he is really saying "Its not true because I don't believe it, and if I don't believe it, its not real". His base identifies with this way of thinking. If they believe its true, then it is there must be facts to support their belief even if they don't have a single one. They believe in trump, therefore everything he says must be true, otherwise he wouldn't say it.

    In the movie Field of Dreams the famous quote is "if you build it, they will come"

    trump version of this statement would be "if you believe it is true, the facts will follow". Thus, he has no facts when he says "Fake News" but he believes without a doubt that anything he dislikes must be fake otherwise he would like it. He must like something for it to be a reality\fact, otherwise it is not a fact and not real.

    trump is functionally insane. This mean his perception of reality is extremely distorted because he ignores all factual information he does not like and believes things to be 100% real without any evidence (ie birtherism, Obama wire tape him, etc). He is functional because his distortions don't prevent him from being self-supporting or directly threatening to others or himself. And most importantly, he is detached from what he does as having any effect on others in a negative way. He can't related that his actions can cause harm to others.

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    Yes, but what is this country doing about it?? NOTHING!
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    Wwjd, I appreciate the new perspective on Trump and Fake news. I have always hated tbe term and sadly the truth is worse than suggesting fabrications.
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    To start out all news has to meet certain criteria everyday. To make the News News Worthy a lot of factual information is omitted. News is News for profit. If a human interest is involved then their is no limit on negative attacks on a negative subject. e.g. the silicone breast implants. There was no limit on the negativity of silicone implants. So now they are using silicone implants again. Silicone Breast Implants Make a Comeback - WSJ Creates some doubt as to the veracity of what was reported about silicone implants in the first place. The same type of condition exists with Fukushima. Information prior to the event appeared to indicate that an accident like that would have had far more drastic and immediate results. There is no real clear idea of what is going on and how dangerous Fukushima is although it is potentially a world threatening conditioning. It would seem there would be a universal reaction dealing with Fukushima. The News is lacking in a lot of aspects and Fukushima casts a cloud on just about all the news. Trump commenting on anything has to be considered for entertainment purposes only because of his compounded practice of lying.