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The isolation of the US

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    The latest news is that the US ends its membership of UNESCO an world organization as part of the UN. Until now the US has stopped being an member of the Paris climate accord and wants to step out of the Iran accord and many more international accords as NAFTA etc. Yes we will become isolated, the result will be that also the EU and others will no longer support the US in its endeavors. The "blind" captain on the "Titanic" therefore has not yet observed the huge iceberg right in front of him. But yeah the "iceberg" may be an disguised "N.K" and the end of the arrogant, know it all "Titanic" crew.

    Who "ever" has the guts to end all this B.S. in this country?? Does this country have to go all the way down the drain before it comes to its senses?

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    I'm afraid so. Without major changes to the way politicians think and act (from both parties) it's always going to be a "me" over "them" mentality.

    Unless the Dems can make a big showing in '18 and at least take back the Senate we are all fucked (and I don't believe they can or will).