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Clean air; I guess not

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    Mr. Pruit ( EPA) wants to turn back the Obama "clean power" program; he says: "The war on coal has ended". Yes this country has plenty of idiots in these functions. The result will be: more people with cancer; more global warming as well natural disasters. But yeah the "cancer" will not be treated because of no decent healthcare either. I think they should built more "nuthouses" here for these filthy S.O.B.'s who the asshole "kid" appointed.
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    None of this should come as a surprise. Trump ran a campaign where he promised to undo every single one of President Obama's achievements. The executive actions were the easy part. All that remains is to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

    This is what the voters voted for. Trump promised and Trump is delivering on those promises. He has not given up on repeal and replace either. Whatever it is replaced with will no longer be called ObamaCare.

    As much as we call Trump a buffoon, bigot, incompetent, liar and many more things, and point towards his low polling, he and his Republican are slowly dismantling the Obama legacy...AS PROMISED.

    Elections have consequences.

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    Schmidt Wrote: Elections have consequences.

    They absolutely do.

    Donald's far right-wing judicial picks will very likely rule in favor of Pruitt's rule change too.

    This is what happens when people, including the Bernie or Busters, vote for a narcissistic sociopath who promised to undo all things Obama. Nothing will save this rule change from being enacted because the Republican party controls the White House, Congress, and now the Courts. There is no check on Donald's power.

    The only silver lining is that big business is moving away from coal and towards other sources of energy. Pruitt can declare the war on coal is over all he wants, but the war on coal was lost by coal companies years ago.

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    Now republicans can pursue their scorch the earth policies. We're going backwards folks. The teabaggers wanted to thake their country back, maybe we're headed back to the 1800's with wooden wagon wheels and everybody carries a 45 on their hip.
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    FRONTLINE: War on the EPA

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    Walker just signed a Foxxconn agreement, Foxxconn will be exempt from any and all environmental laws when they build in Wisconsin.

    The bill includes several rollbacks of environmental protections for the area where the Foxconn plant will be built. They would:

    • Let Foxconn discharge dredged materials or fill wetlands without a permit. The provision would apply not only to wetlands Foxconn fills when it's constructing its 1.6 square mile complex, but also to wetlands it fills once its new facility is fully operational.
    • Exempt the company from another state law that requires businesses to create new wetlands when they get permits to fill existing ones.
    • Allow Foxconn to change the course of a stream, or straighten a stream without a permit.
    • Let Foxconn build on a lake or stream bed without a permit.
    • Sidestep a state law that requires environmental impact statements before businesses can begin construction.
    • Let public utility projects begin for the Foxconn complex without approval by the Public Service Commission.

    Walker signed a corporate welfare bill. Aren't republicans against welfare to poor Americans?

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    We don't need any clean water either. Recently, it was found out that a US steel plant in Indiana dumped more chromium into Lake Michigan and asked the Indiana EPA to look the other way, and they did. The city of Chicago has filed an intent to sue US Steel.

    State EPA agencies should not be self policing factories when it comes to regulations regarding the federal clean air and water act, because they'll try to hide violations.