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Harvey Weinstein Scandal

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    The sad part about all of this is that Weinstein got away with this shit for years and years, and only recently was tasked about it. Guys like Trump, Ailes and others continued their antics for years too, and were never brought to task over any of their games. Men still treat women like pieces of dog shit to this very day. If anyone doesn't believe that, then why hasn't America elected a woman as president yet? Why are women still paid less than men.

    Men treating women badly continues, how do I know? My wife is a woman, she tells me tidbits about male customers and her male boss nearly every day. One male customer even called my wife stupid, and I'd like to meet that guy sometime on the street, so I could give him a piece of my mind. All across America, no matter what business is doing business, it's usually owned and operated by men.

    I grew up in a household where my old man treated my mother, a very nice woman, like a piece of shit. So, I know.

    30+ years ago, I underwent a litmus test by my wife's uncle, he was deciding whether to allow our marriage to go forth. One question he asked me was about how to act toward my wife after marriage, the question was how will I act when it comes to decision making. I answered that a marriage is a 50/50 arrangement. I passed his litmus test with flying colors. And btw, for men who still don't know how to treat women? I have advice if you need it.

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    Harvey Weinstein was just diagnosed with the coronavirus. Although he has now been transferred to another prison, at least 38 other people at Rikers have also tested positive for the virus.

    Although his numerous victims can take solace from his 23 year prison sentence, the phrase below will also bring them peace.

    See the source image

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    No God thing is watching; but the tiny microbes are. Ask the "virus" what their game plan is. There is no justice in this country; Trump committed similar crimes but he's out free and clear, because we let him. It is time that people realize that they themselves create all the shit on this tiny globe you can't blame little Marsians or something else foating up there.
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    Who cares about this vile person ? Move on.