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    The economy national and international gets a pass on scrutiny. Tax cuts are paraded as boosting the economy. There is a history of tax cuts but there is corresponding history of prosperity. There are more recessions and there were never any safeguards to direct tax cut savings into the economy and keep it there. Inspite of warnings of lies about beneficiaries of tax cuts there is no rebellion because the promise of $300 to a $30,000 income is a substantial incentive. It overrides the billions the top incomes will get and take from government programs. Why is there no explanation or a targeted recipient of Tax cut dollars. If tax cuts will boost the economy then why isn't the money that the billionaires are not supposed to get sent directly to a stimulus plan. The upper 1% are not supposed to benefit but I bet they will fight like hell opposing any law that says just in case they do accidentally benefit that money would go into a stimulus fund..
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    It sure didn't create much more than personal gain the last two times we did it. Once it gets closer almost all will speak against it.

    Last time is seriously kicked our economic ass. How blind are the sheep currently ?

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    It's going to boost the economy but no explanation. The upper incomes won't be bothered with spending it. They will let it be absorbed into regular management accounts. Jobs are the result of long term complicated investments. Tax cut dollars will find their way into less complicated investments. The market everyday is closer to bear/correction so a tax cut now is not likely to produce any jobs. If anything that money will find its way into safe havens. Probably the worst time for cutting taxes .