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another one goes down in flames

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    It's no secret that Trump's cabinet is the worst cabinet that our country has ever had. Not surprisingly, another one just resigned due to some very suspicious travel expenses, which should be a relief to all of us.

    As Secretary of HHS, Tom Price was the absolute worst person to lead that agency. The article below provides more information:

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    Yes...good article on the anti-abortionist, anti-women's rights Tom Price. He should never have been confirmed in the first place given his extremist views on women, but also his "illegal" stock trading in health care stocks while he was in a position to influence the price. And now his total lack of judgment in using private air flights between cities.

    I would like to see him prosecuted for something, but I'm not sure what that would be. Certainly the Republican controlled Congress will never take action.

    The article also makes note of Mike Pence's views on women. In similar respect, I wonder if Mike Pence is the worst vice president to hold that office. The two of the can hold the "worst ever" titles for their respective offices. Many women will agree.

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    This guy might be on his way through the revolving white house door next