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The Proposed Trump Tax Overhaul legislation

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    I hope people watched Fareed on CNN today. He clearly said what I've been saying for a long time; "we are living in a bubble right now" . It is starting to look like in the past; employment at an all time low, the stock market at an all time high.

    Such things can't continue forever; history has shown that. First of all the new "tax" law will only hasten the demise, because of the additional debt as well an top down economy won't work as proven in the past. Second, due to Trump's insecurity and awful performance, an new war may break out (N.K?) to escape his being driven into the "corner". Once that will happen the market will crash.

    Furthermore the stupidity to hand out 700 billion to the Pentagon, adds to all the waste at the Pentagon, where no account is done whatsoever on what for the money is spent, let alone cost overruns as well total waste on junk which gives no return on investment. But yeah; why spent it on education or healthcare? The priorities in this country are totally wrong, which will only increase the speed of the downfall of the US. Putin sees this picture correct and "praises" Trump, because he knows on how it will end.