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The flag and its meaning

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    Yes, what does the "flag" made of cotton mean? Sorry to say our flag is ruined by he blood of all the people we kill around the world. We've got an new "dictator" who wants to kill 22 million N.K. people. That is certainly more than even Hitler achieved. I suggest to change our flag into an "white" background (white Christian Superior color) and the replace the stars with "skull and bones"; leave the red to represent all the "blood" we achieve with our wars and "guns": the background should be an huge "dollar" sign.

    No the American flag does not represent an "healthy " country; but an country without conscience.

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    Flags have been around for millennia, so I'm not surprised this is such a touchy subject for many people.

    I care far more about rights than flags. NFL players have a right to take a knee or stay in their locker room during the national anthem and angry old white people have the right to be pissed off that NFL players are taking a knee or staying in their locker room during the national anthem.

    Where I start getting frustrated is when people start thinking their rights are the only ones that matter. I'm a 1st Amendment absolutest. I will vehemently disagree with those who spew hatred and division, but I also understand the 1st Amendment provides them the right to spew hatred and division.

    We cannot become a nation of snowflakes because that will only spell doom for all of us.

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    That was so touching yesterday at the scene of the mass shooting, the candle light vigil and the Amerikan flag, a huge one being displayed. snark/

    People can come together in peace for a mass shooting but cannot do gun control, ironic.

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    The reason I started this thread is simple; "people" who live in an country determine where a flag stands for; not a football team or an President who is an mental patient. If the US flag could cry it will be crying forever; it represents "unity" for all; but it certainly does not. If the designers of this flag would be able to see how misused it is ; they will turn over in their graves. Amen
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    ThoughtCo: Flag Burning Laws: The History of U.S. Laws Against Flag-Burning

    Burning of the flag or otherwise desecrating it has been a form of civil protest for years, but especially during the protest against the Vietnam war. Congress passed laws against desecrating the flag, but the Supreme Court in 1984 ruled those laws as a violation of the free speech in the First Amendment. The vote was 5-4.

    The flag wavers in Congress hoped to pass a Constitutional Amendment against flag desecration but that effort has also died in 2005.

    I have to wonder now that if the Republican controlled House and Senate along with the Executive branch would try again to pass the Flag Protection Act of 1989, which was also struck down by the Supreme Court, that this time they might be successful. I suppose it depends on the Kennedy vote.

    However, all we need is for one more justice to retire and be replaced by another Gorsuch type, and you can expect Republicans to try again with a good chance of success.

    This is just one more reason why we need to win the House in 2018. It is the most important thing for Democrats going forward to stop the Trump train from further eroding our rights. The only thing standing in our way is party unity.

    While I am personally opposed to all forms of flag desecration, I strongly believe in the protection of free speech.

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    My prior post didn't address Dutch's concerns. While the flag has always become a symbol of our patriotism, it has lately trended more towards the hyper-patriotism of the far right. Somehow any image of a politician, athlete, actor or any public figure not properly "honoring" the flag is seen as unpatriotic. President Obama was under the microscope in that respect.

    Not honoring the flag has become synonymous with not supporting our troops or not be being a "real American". However, those that push that narrative are some of the biggest hypocrites on other aspects of our democracy and freedoms...including their interpretation of the Second Amendment.