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In the National Interest is the Solution.

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    Publishing the National Interest is making the population aware that the National Interest is not served by turning the country into a landfill populated by overworked under paid bordering on homelessness working class citizens. Money needs to be managed as a resource just like lumber, fish and water. When a resource is abused , misused or threatened then as in all such resources a regulatory agency must be instituted to correct the problem. The problem both nationally and internationally is money is not being used to its full capability as a means of exchange for hoods and services in an economy. Ever increasing amounts of money now in the quadrillion is used secure interests in the well being of existing companies similar to term insursnce. Under writing of bonds sold by governments . This money no matter what the outcome of the contract seldom if ever creates one job that creates one product to sell creating an economy. All the best intentioned incrementalising, compromising just widens the landfill in preparation for more people to move in. Money needs to be spent to be useful.ý